Witch's Broom

This ritual came from Kate West's book The Real Witch's Coven. Another excellent title!

For this ritual, you will be creating a Dark Circle and a Light Circle, so you will need 2 areas or 2 rooms. This ritual centers around using the time between the worlds to scry into the unknown. In the ritual, the High Priestess presides over this world to assist the rest of the Coven or group to see what might be learned. As it can explore parts of the personality which are untried, it is wise to be careful with non-initiates.


One area or room should be almost completely dark, lit only by a single candle in a dark glass container. If possible, it should also be quite chilly and unadorned. In the center of the area, you need a bowl of water to which some black paint or ink has been added to create a Dark Mirror. If you are indoors, you might also burn some incense with an earthy woody tones such as musk, sandalwood, myrrh and frankincense. This room or area is representing the underworld so, as High Priestess, you can make it as other-worldly as you feel appropriate, but please try to stop short of overdoing the plastic Halloween decorations - it's not a children's party! Also, try not to let the Coveners see the Dark Circle until it is their turn to visit it, or to tell them what awaits them there.

The second area or room should have the Altar and plenty of light. This is the Light Circle and it is here that everyone gathers.

Divination Incense Recipe:

  • 2 parts Sandalwood
  • 2 parts Poppy seed
  • 1 part Myrrh
  • 1 part dried Orange Peel
  • 1 part Mace
  • ½ part cloves


Grind and mix together thoroughly and leave in a cool dark place to allow the ingredients to mix before the ritual.

Sabbat Introduction

The Priest and Priestess stand before the Altar and address everyone present:


"Welcome! Tonight is the festival of Samhain, the greatest of all Sabbats in the Wheel of the Year. It is the end of the old year and the beginning of the new. Tonight is the first night of the resting season, when all that can be harvested has been gathered in."


"In times past these would be the supplies which would have to last us until new life returns to the land. All that would not survive would have been slain, and would provide the substance of our feast. From now the storms of Winter will be upon us, and the nights darken until the Sun is reborn again at Yule. It is a time for us to remember those who have gone before, who in the love of the Old Ones we will meet and know and love once more.  


"Tonight, the Goddess takes on her robes as the Crone, and the God rides out to start the Wild Hunt. It is a time of cold and of darkness, a time for us to reflect, and a time to seek the knowledge and wisdom of the Wise One. Blessed Be."  

The Ritual

After the Sabbat Introduction, the Priest stands in the center of the Light Circle facing the Priestess who stands before the Altar. She stands upright with her arms folded across her chest, her hands resting on opposite shoulders.

The Priest raises his arms and says:

"Now is the start of the dark part of the year. Winter and the time of resting and reflection are upon us. Now is the time for the Goddess to take on the robes of the Crone. I call upon the Wise Mother to attend and be with this our Priestess, to lend her wisdom and guidance."

He draws an invoking pentagram over the Priestess. If the Priestess has a hooded robe, she should raise the hood, or she might like to put on a cloak. Note the Priest is NOT invoking the Crone into the Priestess, but asking that she should be guided by the wisdom of the Goddess as Crone.

The Priestess leaves the Light Circle and goes into the Dark Circle. Here she makes sure that all is ready, the incense is burning, the Dark Mirror reflecting a little light from the one candle and adds any last-minute touches to the decor to increase the atmosphere.

The Priestess then sits down in the North, behind the Dark Mirror. It is worth noting that you should be comfortable, especially if a lot of people are attending the rituals, so have a cushion to sit on, because you may be here for a while.

In the Light Circle, the Priest turns and speaks to the others:

"This is the Circle of Light and Life, our Priestess has gone from us to the world of the Crone, to seek knowledge, wisdom and understanding. Who here is willing to follow in her steps and learn what might be known?"

He then directs the first person to visit the Crone.

The person should then leave the Light Circle and go to the area where the Dark Circle is. They should ask permission to enter, and the Priestess will ask them to come and kneel at the other side of the Dark Mirror.


"Behold, the waters of Life and Death. Here you might see all manner of things; from your deepest secrets to things that may yet happen. If you are certain you wish to know then you may seek knowledge now."

She stirs the waters with a stick or wand, and indicates that the Covener should look.

Allow enough time for the Covener to see what they wish to know, and then the Priestess should stir the water again with the stick or wand, bidding them to return to the Light Circle.

The Covener should not speak of what they have experienced.

The Priest sends the next person to the Dark Circle, where the process is repeated.

Pass the time while each person is visiting the Dark Circle by telling stories, singing songs or other activity appropriate for Samhain.

The last person to visit the Dark Circle is the Priest. After he is done scrying, her returns to the Light Circle and winds up whatever activity is happening, and leads the group in a chant while they wait for the Priestess to return.

After the Priest leaves the Dark Circle, the Priestess may wish to have her turn at scrying, before removing any decorations she does not wish to be seen in full light.

The Priestess then returns to the Light Circle where Cakes and Ale are shared.  

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