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Targeting Your Door-To-Door 



FICTION: Everyone who lives in a particular county, district, town, or precinct knows their area. Door-to-door  is just knowing how many homes there are in an area and having the volunteers to visit them.

FACT: Our own familiarity with our neighborhoods causes many problems. We may know the territory  backwards and forwards, but if door-to-door canvassing is not carefully mapped and planned, we will spend wasted time walking past open fields, cemeteries, shopping malls and the like instead of ringing doorbells.

Walkin’ Willie Sez:

"I’ll never forget the time we sent a group out canvassing in Shoehorn Township. A man came back four hours later with only 15 responses. ‘Fifteen responses?’ I bellowed. ‘What were ya doin’ all that time?’

‘Well sir, it seems that the homes out there are all farms and some were as much as 10 miles apart. That’s some door-to-door!’

Poor fella used about a tank of gas.

Another volunteer wanted to know why they only signed up two Republicans after walking for three hours. Well, I later figured out we sent those people to Heal Township – the Democrats’ strongest area!"