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Showing Appreciation,

Evaluating Results





FICTION: By recruiting volunteers to work on the canvas, the enthusiasm will instill in them a sense of party pride, and they will work for you again.

FACT: While it is true that people who became involved in an organized effort such as a canvas may become loyal party workers and supporters, everyone needs the recognition and expression of appreciation for the job they have done.

All too often we overlook this important factor in the overall planning of a political activity such as a canvass. People need to know they are needed, wanted, and appreciated.

Walkin’ Willie Sez:

"So you’ve completed the registration canvass and now you can sit back and relax, right?
Wrong! There are a number of loose ends to be tied down, and they are very important.
I look for my Vice Chair, Wilma, for what comes next. She’s a whiz at making sure all our
volunteers and everyone connected with the door-to-door effort – from the people who

poured the coffee at the headquarters to the ‘hard core’ recruiters who made all those phone
calls a month ago, to all the other volunteers and their families – well, Wilma makes sure they
know how much the Shoe Leather District Republican Party appreciates their efforts in making
our canvass a success."