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 Don’t waste your political postage – ask them every time. Each time a political mailing of any kind is sent to your mailing lists, be sure to "Piggy-Back" these mailings with a brief recruitment letter. The letter should outline the door-to-door registration drive. Be sure to enclose a returnable volunteer card.

Sample "Piggy-Back" Letter:

29 Elbow Grease Way, Vim-and-Vinegar, Washington 98077


Walkin’ Willie Wilbur, District Chairman

June 18, 1999

Mrs. Thelma Lou Fife
2456 Periwinkle Lane
Ravensdale, WA 98051

Dear Thelma Lou,

This Fall’s election is crucial for the Republican Party to elect and re-elect our local, state, and federal candidates and officers. We need your help now more than ever before.

There are many unregistered voters in Shoe Leather District, and many of them are Republicans. We need to identify these people and make sure they are registered. That is why, beginning in a few weeks, we are planning one of the biggest door-to-door Registration Drives in the history of our county party to identify and register as many Republicans as possible.

The success of our efforts, however, depends on you. Without the assistance of volunteers like yourself, we will never succeed. All we need is 4 hours of your time. No permanent responsibilities. No strings attached. Just 4 hours.

Please complete the enclosed returnable card and mail it right away. If you desire more information, call our Registration Drive headquarters at 555-1212.



Walkin’ Willie Wilbur, Chairman
Shoe Leather District Republican Party