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"Reach Out and Touch Someone" . . . to Volunteer!


Walkin’ Willie Sez:

"Let the telephone be your best friend in recruiting volunteers. Oh, sure, there are other good methods that we'll touch on like ‘Piggy Back Mail’ and speaking to groups. But nothing is as fast and effective to get volunteers as the phone."

There are many people who dislike recruiting by phone, but are willing to give their time to help in other ways. In Walkin' Willie's county, these people are needed to look up phone numbers for the other volunteers to call. Each name is entered on an index card with the phone number. Others can assist in assembling the canvass kit which the volunteers will use to go door to door.

Use your other Republican volunteers to make the Volunteer Search phone calls in a small phone bank situation, using a friendly business office or maybe County Committee offices. If necessary, calls could be made out of several locations. However, try not to do it piecemeal from the volunteers' homes. That's a sure way to lose control. A Rule of thumb is one volunteer can make 20 phone calls per hour. Naturally, this depends greatly on the length of your message.

Everyone calling must say the same thing. This is essential for time and efficiency. This is no different than a voter phone survey or a pitch for a candidate.