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Precinct Database or Card File

No set of records is more valuable than your precinct database or card file. It is very useful to create an entry for each household in your precinct. You may get a list of the registered voters from the County Party. If you have a computer, you may get the list of your precinctís registered voters on computer disk from the County Party and transfer it directly to your database program.

Whether working with a computer database or a card file system, it is an extremely important tool. It provides you with a list of favorable voters to use for Election Day and Get-Out-The-Vote activities, as well as helping you canvass your precinct and find Street Captains, Election Officials, and volunteers.

Procedure for Preparing Your Database or Card File:

  1. Strong Republican
  2. Leans Republican
  3. Independent
  4. Leans Democrat
  5. Democrat
  6. If they say none of your business!