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Election Day is the climax of all your political activities for the year. Therefore, it is important to recruit Pollwatchers to help ensure maximum Republican voter turnout. Each Pollwatcher has the key duty of checking off each voter in the Precinct that votes on Election Day.

Recruiting and training Pollwatchers:

Recruit Pollwatchers at least one month in advance of Election Day. To provide complete coverage, determine how many Pollwatchers will be needed by planning to have the polling place watched from 4:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. on Election Day. Usually a Pollwatcher will be willing to work from two to four hours of that period.

Provide your Pollwatchers with a list of all identified Republican voters in your Precinct the number 1s and 2s from your card file or database.

The first Pollwatcher to arrive should ask the Election Officials for a copy of all the electors that have voted absentee and check those names off the list. Then as each voter in the Precinct arrives to vote in person, the Pollwatcher should check those names off the list as well.

Each hour, you the PCO or your representative will visit the polling place with another copy of the identified Republicans list and check off the names of Republicans who have voted according to the Pollwatcher.

You, the PCO, will then leave to go place reminder phone calls to those Precinct voters who have not yet voted, stressing the importance of their vote.

Things to remember for Pollwatchers: