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Now You're an Expert

on Door-To-Door


Walkin’ Willie Sez:

"Well, that's all she wrote, folks! And I'm sure some of you think that's quite enough. However, If you follow the general guidelines for Door-To-Door Registration Canvassing outlined in this booklet, there is no reason why your efforts should not be as successful and fruitful as ours have been in good o1' Shoe Leather County."

"Several notes to end on ..... To some it may seem that we go to extra and unnecessary pains in the various details of planning and executing this kind of canvass. However, it is so very important that everything about the canvass be done with you and your Party organization in complete control. There are many instances when candidates can run their own campaigns and other activities can take place without full Party sanction or control."

"But not the important and vital lifeline job of registering and enrolling Republicans. That is, after all, the fuel by which the Party must survive."

"It is for these reasons and others that registration and enrollment canvass drives of this nature must be well-planned, well-executed, and well-controlled. And, folks, the more you de-centralize, the more you lose control."

"Naturally, there will be variations on what we do here in the Shoe Leather District, depending on the District you come from and the part of the State in which your County is located. However, the bottom line is this: After a registration canvass, if you can't answer the questions ‘how many doors did your people visit?’ and ‘how many Republicans did your organization register and enroll?’ you haven't done the job."

"But I know that won't be the case. I know that all of you who are going to hold registration canvasses as you do traditionally, or for the first time, are going to be successful and delighted at the results."

"And don't forget. If you need any help, Vice Chair Wilma and me are always here in Shoe Leather District ready to give a hand or walk a street, if necessary. Also, don't forget the King County Chairman and his crew at (206) 378-1998 in Seattle. They're always ready to assist you, and would be happy to hear from you concerning your registration canvass plans."

"Well, Wilma and me are already starting a list of people who may want to join our door-to-door effort for the Fall. We hear there are lots of folks out there who aren't registered yet, and this looks like a good opportunity. It is never too early to begin."

"Good luck and remember . . . . KEEP ON WALKIN!"