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(1/2 to 1 hour)



A precinct map locating every residence is a great tool for effective precinct organization.

The map will help you to define blocks and areas to which you can assign block workers. It also assists you in spotting the people who have not registered and, on Election Day, voters who have not voted. 


    1. Secure a precinct map from the King County Elections Division or the King County Republican Party headquarters. If the maps available are not large enough, you can easily draw your own. If you draw your map, it does not have to be to scale. It is only a tool to help you do your job more effectively.
    2. As you develop your map, it is a good technique to have someone drive you slowly through the streets of your precinct while you draw the lots and houses on your map. List all of the addresses possible. After the precinct canvass, you can pencil in the names of all eligible voters on the appropriate map location and color code them as to party preference and registration status.
    3. Keep your master map up to date. If people move, eliminate the names, but leave the address as a key to follow up when the residence is again occupied. You will find this permanent picture of your precinct of great help to you, your volunteers, and your candidates.