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-- Previous delivery of absentee ballot application. Check 2-3 days before election to determine if ballot was received. (Probably no more can be done to encourage absentee ballot voting).

-- Phone call reminder to vote.

-- Poll watcher checks off list to determine who has voted, or not. Relays information to PCO or block captain.

-- Use of "Gimmicks":

In other words -- get the voter off his duff and to the polIs!!

Never, ever, be embarrassed to bring a message of good citizenship to the voter. All of the previous contact, persuasion and information cannot guarantee that the voters vote on election day. "Follow through," as in virtually every human activity, is essential.

Voter contact, as described, can and will be SO effective that any reluctance by the PCO or block captains will fade away.

Abe Lincoln, whose value and worth is yet to be adequately described and appreciated, summed it up for his campaign workers when he addressed them in Illinois:

"Canvass your precincts--- Determine the Saints, Savables and Sinners. On Election Day bring the Saints to the polls, bring the Savables who have been saved to the polls, ignore the Sinners."

The County Chairman is responsible for building the organization and developing the program.

The District Chairman, Area Chairman, PCOs and Block Captains are responsible for carrying out the program.


A most useful tool! Invite your neighbors into your home or meeting place to discuss important issues. Take a poll to determine level of political knowledge.