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30th District Republican Meeting April 26 at Intellipass Minutes



30th District Republican Meeting
April 26, 2002 at Intellipass

1. Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag.
2. Invocation.

3. Our next PCO (Precinct Committee Officer) meeting will be held at the Intellipass at 7:00 PM on May 23, 2002.  We may have Washington State Republican Party Chairman Chris Vance as our featured speaker.  Also we have scheduled Washington State Republican Party County Services Director, Arlene Hilmer (email:  Arlene has very important information on the methods of working in our precinct.  All new PCO/PCC's do not want to miss Arlene's valuable knowledge of how to win the ground war in our precincts.  Bring your questions and your notebooks because class will be in session!
4. The Annual Republican Party Fund Raiser will be held Friday May 10th at the SeaTac Airport Hilton. Dinner will begin at 7:00 PM.  Contact Washington State Republican Party Political Director, Sean McCaffry at (206) 575-1690 Ext. 15.  (email:  Cost is $75.00/person.
5. The King County Convention will be held at the Cedar Park Assembly of God Church in Bothell, Saturday May 11th.  Credentials open at 7:00 AM and close at 9:00 AM.  The address is 16300 112th Ave NE, Bothell, WA. Please note that the date has been changed from Saturday, May 18th.
           The State Convention will be held on June 28 and 29th at Bellevue
           Community College. The actual convention day is the 29th.  The 28th is 
           Check-in day and Friday night will highlight the convention dinner.  Would
           You care to volunteer for a convention task?  If so, please contact Lorraine Blacklock at 425-432-1022. (Email: 
6. The Republican Woman's Club will meet the second Wednesday of           
Every month at 6:00 PM for dinner at the Old Country Buffet in Federal
7. Marvie Schmidt (FED 30-3024) Credentials Report:

PCC's (Precinct Committee Chair)-Moved Away
1. Tim Drab (FED 30-3234)
PCO's (Precinct Committee Officer)-Resigned
1. Dietrick C. Jones (Northlake)
2. Joan M. Pekarek (FED 30-3030)
3. Gary L. Griffin (FED 30-3014)
4. Mark Clement (Merlin)
5. Stephen J. Percival (FED-3047)
6. L. Brian Shepherd (Illahee)
7. Harold Thompson (Avalon)
New Appointed PCO's:
1. Jeffrey J. Wolf (Northlake)
2. James R. Langston (FED -3030)
3. Scott W. Jablon (FED-30-3014)
4. Sean R. McCaffrey (Fed 30-3305)

The 30thLeg. District Republican organization has 138 people.  The Credentials Report was accepted unanimously accepted.
8. Steve Skipper (CYPRESS), 9th Congressional District State Republican Party Executive Board Member (Phone:  (253) 874-6799 or email:  He wants you to volunteer to have a walk out in your precinct for Voter ID.  Call him or email him.  A very small group of voters will make the difference in the next election.  We don't have a choice-if we don't do the work (doorbell), we won't have the changes we want in Olympia.  We need all three of our candidates to win their races.  There may not be an opponent against Skip Priest.  However, we still need to help Skip by inviting him to walk with us in our own precincts.  We need to take all the candidates into the neighborhoods before they are committed towards the Miloscia's of this world.  Miloscia will work hard but we can out walk him and do it smarter. 
9. Walt Schrader (FED 30-32092), 30th District Chairman hands out the official State PCO Manuel.  If anyone wants such a manual, ask Walt (Phone: (253) 839-8048 or email: for a copy.  This is a valuable guide for all you need to know to be a PCO.
10. Ramona Tullis (EXCALIBUR) has put together a new website.  You must type in the following exactly as written:  Ramona's email is  Or phone her at (253) 736-0157.  She wants your input.  The new website will have the latest meeting minutes, the District calendar, and each precinct will have their separate page.  There are 145 precincts in the 30th District.
11. The District Caucus held April 6th, 2002 was a tremendous success with 73 delegates attending.  The 30th District is the best district in the state.  The platform resolutions were important and we had a rewarding Saturday to put forth resolutions.  There were 22 delegates set for the State Convention. 
12. Charles Brezina (CAMELOT), email: Talked about the Republican Platform Committee.  A final meeting was April 23rd.  The final draft was not ready for this meeting.  The Platform Committee should start earlier to address the issues that reflect the intent of the grassroots. 
13. State Republican Executive Board Committeewoman, Joan Monteith (email:  The Executive Board unaninimously agreed to appeal the  Blanket Primary System.  A new walking list will soon be available.  There will be an Executive Board Meeting Sunday, April 21st.  California has a party registration where party registration is a state of mind in Washington State.  Lawyers are confident that the case will be brought to 7th Circuit Court and if necessary to the Supreme Court.  We are getting help from National Republican Party Committee lawyers. 
14. We should be getting our registration for the State Convention in the next weeks.  The Keynote speaker will be Rosario Marin, our federal treasurer.
15. Don't forget that Tony Moore's Campaign Kickoff for the State Senate will be held Saturday, May 18th at the Federal Way LaQuinta Restaurant.  The time is 10:00 AM.
16. Jim Ferrell (email:  We need to "flood the campaign kick off" May 1st so we can will make our contributors look upon our campaign as a winner.  So far $15,000 has been raised by the Jim Ferrell campaign.  Already groups are starting to think twice about Miloscia. 
17. Skip Priest (email: had about 200 people attend his campaign kickoff.  He is busy doorbelling every chance he gets.
18. Linda Kochmar  (Fed 30-3007) email:  Republicans are working as a team-that is how we are going to win.  People have applied for the Muni Building Committee.  Decision.  The final decision will be made by July.  Sound Transit is planned.
19. Meeting Adjourned