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30th District Republican Meeting
March 21, 2002 at Intellipass





Joan Monteith, State GOP Committeewoman, 7th Cong. District. Email:

            The King County Convention has been changed to May 11th at the Cedar Park Church, 16300 112th Ave NE, Bothell, WA.  All delegates to the 30th District Caucus are eligible delegates.  The Washington State Convention will be held June 28th and 29th at  Bellevue Community College.  The actual convention day is the 29th.  The 28th (Friday) is check-in day and Friday night will highlight the convention dinner.  Would you care to volunteer for a convention.

task?  If so, please contact Lorraine Blacklock at 425-432-1022.

The Credentials Report:

PCO’s (Precinct Committee Officers)—Moved away:

1.     Rachel Ingle (FED 30-3051)

2.     Steven Markegard (FED 30-3050)


     Georgene Asbury (FED 30-3017)

2.     William Shortt (FED 30-3023)

3.     Laurence Kulp (FED 30-3089)

4.     Margie Pancratz (FED 30-3020

5.     Lou Olmstead (FED 30-3002)

New Appointed PCO’s:

1.     Gordon Thomas (DES 30-0954)

2.     Sarah Westhor (FED 30-2999)

3.     Joanne Volak (FED 30-3018)

4.     John Ribary (FED 30-3017)

5.     Evelyn Castellar (FED 30-3023)

6.     Peter Stobart (FED 30-3051)

7.     Frederick Konkell (FED 30-3089)

8.     Bryan Le Penske (FED 30-3002)

February 21, 2002 PCO Meeting Minutes:  Last Month’s Meeting Minutes by Jon McIntyre (Thomas) was unanimously approved. 

Precinct Caucus, March 5th, 2002 Report by 30th District Chairman, Walt Schrader: 

            The 30th Leg. District Republicans held their Precinct Caucuses at three locations—Intellipas, Kilo Jr. High School, and the town of Pacific’s Senior Center.  One hundred forty five (145) people showed (including PCO’s).  There were 15 write-ins.  Sixty percent of the PCO’s showed.  This was a successful turnout for a non-presidential election cycle year.

Platform Committee Report by Chuck Brezinia (Camelot): 

            We need a convention to advance our candidates.  Everything else would be a facade.  The Blanket Primary is designed to keep us from backing our candidates. 

          The Platform Committee starts two weeks before the District Caucus, April 6.  The Platform Committee will be using the last State Convention Platform as the working document—a template—for this year’s Platform.  The objective is to make the new Platform a positive document to keep it from being a target for the Democrats.  The Platform is steered by a committee that wants to forward the best ideals of Republicans.  There are two needs of the Committee: more time to better reflect the ideals of the grass roots and your ideas. 

          We will be able to see the rough draft of the platform at our next meeting, April 26,2002.

          If you have ideas, let Chuck Brezinia know by email: or call him at (253) 941-6817.

The 30th District Caucus, April 6th, 2002:

          Credentials starts at 8:00 AM and close at 9:00 AM at the Intellipass.  The Caucus should last four hours.  There two purposes of the Caucus:  to elect delegates to the State Convention and to nominate candidates for the  State House of Representatives and State Senate. 

          Joe Martinez (FED 30-3301) will be Master at Arms and Karla Dyer (KELSEY) will handle the credentials.

The King County Executive Meeting:

          The Executive Board Meeting spent 21/2 hours of its 3 hours on the Nominating Convention.  Part 2 of Rule 2 was rescinded.  Why? 

Because the cost is prohibitive.  However, the rest of Rule 2 was not rescinded.  That part deals with the Nominating Convention for King County.  King County will have its own rules for its Nominating Convention. 

Peter Abbarno, Washington State GOP Executive Dirrector:

Peter Abbarno is originally from New York.  He lived in Vermont where he worked as GOP State Executive Dirrector.

          Today, the State GOP is in great financial shape after much work.  We have spent $75,000 less and are getting more bang for our buck—something the Democrats have never learned! 

          The State Party is not convinced that Rule 2 will hold up in court.  They believe that ballot access should be uniform. The ruling by the 7th District Judge in California concerning the Open Primary was correct.  The best we may get in the near future is an Open Primary with party I.D.  The only way to stop the Crossover Voter problem is for a Closed Primary.  Lawyers for the Republican Party are pursuing a Closed Primary System.  They are convinced that they will succeed in that effort. 

          Voter-file:  Party I.D. will be found using the latest in technology.  Affiliation lists, magazine subscription lists and issues type surveys are some of the available data files being provided by information services.  With such information, the State GOP will be targeting its mail with greater precision. 

          A voter list will be available before the Primary and hopefully before the summer.  We will be building data in focused areas.

          The grass roots does not get excited because of the Party, it gets excited because of the issues and the candidates.

Lloyd Gardner (ALG 30-3288):

          It’s time we take action.  There is a need for us to write letters to the editors and to our representatives.  Read about the issues.  The Washington Policy Center ( and the Evergreen Freedom Foundation ( are good places to start if you have internet access.  If you have something to say to your legislature, call the State Legislative Hotline:  1-800-562-6000.  We need to put our ideas out to those who want to hear from us.

Jim Ferrell (FED 30-3077), Candidate for 30th Leg. District State House of Representatives: 

          Check out his web page at  All Republicans of the 30th District are invited to his campaign kick-off breakfast at the Federal Way Executel, May 1st, 2002 at 7:15 AM.  Jim Ferrell wants to run a positive campaign.  We should make a positive effort to help Jim in his campaign and a good first step would be to attend his breakfast.  A large turnout at the kick-off breakfast makes a huge impression with the Democrats.  They will see that Jim’s candidacy has started in such a strong position, that it would be hard to overcome without spending an extreme amount of money.  They are also watching the campaign disclosure reports for how much our candidates are raising in contributions.  We can make a difference with our contributions.  We have all been sent requests to contribute to Jim’s campaign.  It would be good to mail back a generous contribution.

Skip Priest (FED 30-3045), Candidate for 30th Leg. District State House of Representatives:

          A $25 million new City Hall in the center of Federal Way makes no sense.  “You got to have fire in the belly” to make a difference in government.  Our representatives in Washington State did not have the guts to make the right decision.  They refused to balance the budget.  Be there at Skip Priest’s campaign kick-off April 21st at the Marriott Courtyard in the Gateway Center in Federal Way 5 PM to 7 PM. 

Tony Moore, Candidate for 30th Leg. District State Senate: 

          Call him by cell phone (206) 255-1200.  Republicans are down by one vote to have the majority.  Tony has received a campaign consultant and manager.  He is considering all issues that will make this district a better place. 

          Tracey Eide signed a petition to keep a French Chef and an exclusive Senate Dining Room—a petition that she did not even read!  

So typical of the Democrats.  They have let a budget surplus go into a $1.6 billion budget deficit.  A typical Democrat budget.

          Tony started out in this area with nothing to start a successful business. It is with that same ability that he wants to go to Olympia to fix that budget.  He knows how to sacrifice to make a difference.  He is a Republican because he believes that Republican ideas work for everybody.  We need people that will know what is contained in the bills for which they are voting.  They need to be accountable for their actions. Tony knows there is a moral responsibility in government as an Associate Pastor for Christ the King Bible Fellowship Church.

Earl Van Dorien, Federal Way School Board President:

          The School Board will be meeting in the Federal Way City Council Chambers and will be televised on Channel 21 in unincorporated King County. 

          The State Legislature has cut Federal Way’s School Budget of $35 million by $2 million.  This is almost a 6% cut. 

          District 3—Ann Murphey’s district—has been changed.  There are 7 candidates applying for her position.  There will be a Candidate Orientation Meeting March 25th.  Tom Murphy is a Republican and he would like to see a conservative board. 

          Some school principals are not happy with the end to the practice of social promotion of students.  The Board has changed the graduation requirements to 22 credit hours from the 24 credit hours.  The 22 hours will be more rigorous with Algebra, Pre Physics, Biology, and two years of Civics and History.  There will be a buffer of 4 semesters to make up 2 credits.  This change will be in place by the fall of 2003.

          The viewing of the R-rated movies in school has been opposed by Randy Nichols, a parent in Federal Way.  This issue has drawn much attention to the Federal Way School District at a time when the School Board has much to consider.  Movies are said to take away time that the teacher could use for teaching.  However, “reward movies” can be an incentive to students to perform in better learning. 

Earl Van Dorien believes that the type of movie played could use more scrutiny.  This subject will be discussed at the March 25th (Monday) School Board Meeting at the School District Headquarters at 7:00 PM.  If you can be there at 5:30 PM, you can meet the candidates applying for the vacant seat on the School Board.

Linda Kochmar (FED 30-3007), Federal Way City Council: 

          Linda Kochmar is thrilled about the quality candidates the 30th District Republicans are putting forward for state offices. This will be fortunate for all our citizens if they are victorious in their candidacies.

          Linda has thrown herself with all her effort into the railroad job that is being done to build a muni-building in the heart of Federal Way’s retail district.  A committee is being formed.  Is there any PCO in the 30th District who would like to work on the committee?   We need to oppose this colossus and work to a more pragmatic plan.  Write letters to voice your opposition to this Taj Mahal of City deficit spending.

Meeting Adjourned