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Next PCO Meeting & Other Information 04/072002


Please mark this on your calendar April 25th Thursday 7 PM at the Intellipass 1925 S 341st Federal Way PCO meeting. Our guest will be Joan Montieth State Committee Woman.
May 11th Saturday King County Convention at the Assembly of God Cedar Park Church. The official call will be mailed 10days from the date of the convention. All of you who are interested in the platform need to be there.

May 23 Thursday 7 PM at the Intellipass PCO meeting. Our guest will be our former State Vice Chair Arlene Hilmer. She talk about PCO training. We have a lot of new PCO'S you need to be there to learn more what a PCO does.

Lastly, Declaration of Candidacy, I have start in January signing PCO's for another two years. We currently have 75 precincts filled. I will be calling you or sending a letter or both. This is very time consuming. The filling date is July 22nd ends August 2nd or 9th to file to be an elected PCO. We want to spend our time at the vacant precinct. I hope most of you will agree to file again.

Walter Schrader
30th District Chair