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District Caucus Minutes 04/07/2002

  Pledge by Walt Schrader
Invocation by Pastor Sims
Temporary Chair Walt Schrader
Credential Report by Marvy Schmidt 73 Delegates
Delegates accepted the Credential Report
Delegates elect Jim Ferrell for Permanent Chair
Convention Rules Report by Dave Larson
Delegates elected the following State Delegates to the WA State Convention Charles Brezina, Barbara Davis, Kerry Davis, Karla Dyer, Randy Dyer, Jim Ferrell, Vernon Jenkins, Lynda Jenkins, Linda Kochmar, David Larson, Joe Martinez, Richard Mayer, Jon McIntyre, Tony Moore, Edwin Opstad, John Ribary, Marvel Schmidt, Ray Schow, Walt Schrader, Bette Simpson, Earl VanDorien, Joanne Volak.
State Representative Maryann Mitchell, State Representative Sarah Casada for Congress, Sean McCaffrey, WA State Republican Party Political Director and King County Chairman Reed Davis spoke at the District Caucus.
Delegates elected the following Alternate State Delegates to the WA State Convention Bruce Crabtree, John Williams, Ramona Tullis, Jim Langston, Craig Tullis, Susan Ward, Dean Wescott, Tamzan Crabtree, Ed Barney, Ron Walker, Paul Clements, Steve Skipper, Lloyd Gardner, Don Powell, Katrina Assay, Gerald Verbitsky, Gregg Harrison, Paul Stone, Fran Wilson Skip Stock, Monte Perry, Skip Priest.
Legislative Candidates Tony Moore, Jim Ferrell and Skip Priest spoke at the District Caucus.
100% Delegate nominated and endorse Tony Moore for State Senate, Jim Ferrell for State Representative Pos 1 and Skip Priest for State Representative Pos 2.
Platform Resolution:
Dave Larson Rules Chair/Temporary chair for Platform discussion
The following resolutions were discussed and approved at Saturday's caucus:

1.      Transportation (Richard Butt may have changes to make to this

The transportation system in the State of Washington is in a state of
crisis.  Fixing this crisis should be one of our state's highest priorities.
A large part of this crisis is caused by the overall taxing and spending
policies of the state that the upcoming votes on new state and regional
taxes will not solve.  We call for reform of the entire system by which
transportation projects are funded and approved.  We also call for reform of
our state's entire taxing and spending policies which make transportation a
lower priority than other programs.

2.    Education

The education of our children is a high priority for this state.  There is a
duty to provide and "ample" education.  In order to fulfill this duty we
propose the following:
    1.  We support greater local control of education;
    2.  We support getting back to basics and fundamentals in the field
of education;
    3.  We support better oversight and control of education dollars;
    4.  We support opportunities for parental involvement in education.

3.    Sanctity of human life
By a 14 to 7 margin, the group passed the following resolution:

        "We support the sanctity of human life"

Meeting Adjourn 1:55 PM