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30th District Republican Meeting

Feb 21, 2002 at Intellipass








1. Steve Skipper, Drive for 35 Chairman, will be getting volunteers so that he can directly go with them and train them in the methods of controlling your Precinct for the Republicans.  Contact Steve at (253) 874-6799.  Here are some brief pointers he outlined in the meeting:

A.     Know the people in your Precinct—go make friends.

a.    No No’s:  Politics, religion, and sex.  Go by oneself (less threatening).  Don’t go at night.

b.    Introduce yourself as an their elected Precinct Committee Officer.  You are there to give them something that you made up for them to have.  This will be your list of contact information for the political officials in their community. This list is your creation.  Make sure this list has your name and phone number.

c.    Get information—who are they?  Do they consider themselves Democrat Independent of Republican.  If they are either an Independent or Republican,  find out if they are registered to vote.  For these people, hand them the Secretary of State’s Registration Form.  Offer to pick up the form later. 

d.    We are to focus on the Independents. We want Independents to vote Republican.

e.    The next time through, visit the Republicans and Independents you have identified.  Offer to deliver absentee votes to Republicans.  Ask if they want more information.  Give the Independents information about both parties such as a breakdown of each party platform and have them pick which statement they agree with. 

f.      How to raise money will be discussed in more detail.

2.  The next PCO meeting is March 21st, Thursday, 7:00 PM at the Intellipass.

3.  Precinct Caucus March 5th, 8:00 PM at the Intellipass.

4.  District Caucus or Convention April 6th at the Intellipass.                                                                                

5.  King County Convention May 18th at the Cedar Park Church.

6.     Maps—No new maps available from the King County Auditor yet.  Walt Schrader has made up maps for those who want them. 

Credentials Report by Marvy Schmidt (Fed 30-3024): 

PCO’s (Precinct Committee Officer)—Moved away:

1.     Thomas Dunnachie (FED 30-2989)

2.       Marlin Bowman (ALG 30-0014)


1.     Donald Chovil (FED 30-3022)

2.       Jon Lindenauer (Fed 30-3077)

    PCC’s (Precinct Committee Chair)—Moved Away:

1.     Peter Abbarno  (FED 30-3046)

2.       Russ Schow (ALG 30-3288)

    New Appointed PCO’s:

1.     Glen Wolf (FED 30-3022)

2.       Karen Richard (FED 30-2989)

3.       Jim Ferrell (FED 30-3077)

    New Appointed PCC’s:

1.     William Anthony Moore (FED 30-3029)

2.       Steve Franklin (Fed 30-3028)

3.       Lloyd Gardner (ALG 30-3028)

4.       Jimmie Ledlow (FED 30-3021)

5.       Bryan LePenske (Fed 30-2999)

30 District organization for King County 135 people.

Approve the Minutes for Jan. 24th 2002 at the Intellipass.

Budget Report by Arnold Rolfrud (Knights):

We are down to $843.41 because of mailings.  Arnold passed out a full account of the 30th District Republican’s financial activity.  Members present approved this financial statement unanimously. 

30th District Chairman Walt Schrader gives PCO/PCC Account:

109 elected PCO’s

- 20 lost (moved away or resigned)

89 elected PCO’s

+ 8 new elected PCO’s from the old 33rd District

97 total elected PCO’s in the new 30th District

+17 appointed PCO’s

114 total PCO’s

+21 PCC’s

135 total people in the 30th District Republican organization

Precinct Committee Officer—Declaration of Candidacy

Walt Schrader passed out PCO/PCC declaration of candidacy application forms.  All PCO’s and PCC’s must complete these forms and send them to Walt Schrader. 

Special Guest—Michael Young, Chairman of the State Budget Committee and 7th Congressional District Executive Board Representative.

The Primary and “Non-Convention”:  we will have one even though the judge’s verdict comes in March for or against.  The “Non-Convention” will be May 18th at Cedar Park Church for King Co. Prosecutor and Congressional Candidates.  The 25% Rule will apply for those candidates who qualify as nominees for the State Primary. 

Until the courts declare the Blanket Primary unconstitutional, the blanket primary is the law of the land.  New election law is in the process of change.  The Louisiana system would be most offensive.

Michael Young’s mission in life is to elect Republicans. 

King County Executive Board Meeting

1.     Primary and Nominating Convention was just covered by Michael Young

2.     Lincoln Day Party Sunday,  Feb 2nd was held at the Renton Community Center.  It was a successful turnout.

3.     Candidate Workshop was a successful event held at Seattle Pacific University Saturday, Feb 9th.  One of the workshops held by Tom Huff (26th Leg. District)  gave valuable instruction on doorbelling and fundraising.  There will be more workshops in the future.  All PCO/PCC’s should take advantage of these workshops. 

4.     Precinct Caucus Tuesday, March 5th 8:00 PM:

Steve Skipper will chair caucuses at the Intellipass.

         Charles Brezina will chair caucuses at Kilo Junior High.

         Juddith Erickson will chair caucuses at Pacific Senior Center.

Walt will have PCO applications at the Caucus.  There will be a $2.00 Donation request at Caucus to benefit the 30th District Republican.  PCO’s will be automatic delegates to the King Co. Convention.

5.    Database:  we have not had updated walking lists since 2000.

Jim Ferrell has a “DB Voter List.”  This list could be broken apart by precinct.  We will soon have a mandatory State Data Base.  The State Party will have a data base that will be interactive—we will be able to update it by logging in and giving new data. 

6.     Tim Eyman:  The Executive Board voted to encourage the Tim Eyman team to continue.

7.     Michael Young, State Buget Committee Chairman, gave a report on the State Committee.  We are making great progress even though the State Party was in a deep hole from the earlier problems with the Don Benton Chairmanship—people donations went down from $26,000 to $9,000.  Even though we are in a recession, people donations are up to $15,000 and this is growing. 

Total Revenue:  we have a very diverse base.  25% comes from soft money.   $2.9 million is the total revenue.

Operating Revenue:  we needed a base line to control spending.  $1.5 million will pay for our operating cost.

Expenses:  our political division has been expanded to 59% of our total budget.  A big change.  14% for fundraising.  3% for communications—we are putting out daily press releases.  For those PCO/PCC’s desiring to get on the State Party email list, visit the State Website at:

Payroll Comparison:  payroll has gone down in the State Party.  There are fewer people, however the State Party is paying more for quality people. 

Candidate Support:  The State Party will give more candidate support.


1.     Sara Casada:  9th District Congress. Grassroots is very important.  She is currently serving her forth term as 25th Leg. District State Representative.  Her leadership positions include Chair of the House Energy and Utilities Commission (1995-6), Ranking Republican House Energy and Utilities Committee (1992-3), and Assistant Minority Whip (1991-2).  She has   held numerous positions in government including Pierce County Council (1997-2001), Pierce Co. Executive Pro-Tem (1999), Pierce County Public Works Chair (1999), and Pierce Co. Planning and Environment Vice-chair (1999).

2.     Dave Larson (FED 30-3079):  Not a political candidate now.  However he gave a plea for our support.  We need to give these candidates our support to get the State Senate and House back.  Republicans lift the individual up while Democrats lift up the government.  Democrats want to take from those until all persons finish the same.  They want the government to take away from those who are ahead so that those who are behind are made equal.  Republican want everyone to have equal opportunity and make the most of that opportunity to their ability.

3.     Tony Moore:  30th Leg. District State Senate.  Moved from Virginia ten years ago.  He is a successful businessman.  He is a member of the Federal Way Planning Commission and is active in Kiwanis, Bays and Girls Clubs, the Chamber of Commerce and his church.  He was also one of the first members of “Advancing Leadership”,  which encourages Federal Way leaders to “build a better community.”  Tony is ready to build a grass-roots movement to take away the 30th District Senate away from the Democrats.

4.     Skip Priest (FED 30-3045):  30 Leg. District State House of Representatives.  “We Care”—has a commitment to community.  He believes in Faith, Family, Frugality, and Community.

Education: B.A.—Willamette University; J.D.—George Washington University
Occupation: President, Priest Co.—A family-owned real estate management and business consulting company.
Professional Qualifications: Former Federal Way Mayor and City Council member. Former American Express and Glacier Park Co. executive and local small business owner.
Personal Information: Married to Trisha Bennett. Two children: Zachary and Amanda. Eagle Scout.
Community Service: District Chair-Nopi Soki District, Boy Scouts of America and Pacific Harbors Council Board member. Received Council's highest volunteer award—the Silver Beaver. Aquatic Foundation Board member. Federal Way Kiwanis and Historical Society member.

5.     Jim Ferrell (Fed 30-3077):  30th Leg. District State House of Representatives.  A priority for Republicans in the 30th District is to take back control of the State House next year.  We can do this by defeating Mark Miloscia this November.  All Republican Candidates in the 30th District will act as a team—the FUSION TICKET.  The most important mission for us is to elect Republicans.  For all of the information about Jim Ferrell see his web site:

Ann Murphy, President of Federal Way School Board:   Live broadcasts of the Federal Way School Board meeting will begin in May. Beginning on April 23, 2002, regular school board meetings for conducting the general business of the School District will be changed to the second and fourth Tuesday of each calendar month. Meetings will now be held at Federal Way City Hall Council Chambers, 33530 1st Way South, Federal Way, WA 98003. All regular Board of Education meetings begin at 7 PM. Dates for Board of Education meetings remaining for the 2001/2002 school year are:

April 23, 2002
May 14, 2002
May 28, 2002
June 11, 2002
June 25, 2002
July 16, 2002
August 13, 2002
August 27, 2002

In the Fall of 2003, the District will be opening a new high school and creating middle schools.  Under the direction of the Board of Education and the Superintendent, Sally McLean, the district's Chief Financial Officer, will be facilitating a review of secondary boundaries. The district needs help to create new boundaries for the new high school and middle schools.

The Boundary Committee will be comprised of four District staff members and up to two volunteers from each of the following areas:

6 parents from High Schools
12 parents from Junior Highs
12 parents from Elementary Schools  Contact Geri Walker at (253) 945-2071, or Sally McLean at (253) 945-2043, or send an e-mail to

30th District Republican Meeting Adjourned


                                         -------------Your fellow patriot for freedom,

                                                                 Jon McIntyre