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30th District Republican Meeting Minutes
Jan. 24, 2002 at Intellipass



Special Guest, Dr. Reed Davis, King County Republican Chairman:

Lincoln Birthday Party will be held Sunday, Feb. 24, 4:30 - 7:00 PM at the Renton Community Center, 1715 Maple Valley Highway, Renton.  Special Guest will be King County Sheriff, Dave Reichert.  There will be a short program starting at 5:45 PM with an appearance by Mr. Lincoln.  Banjo and fiddle music will delight all.  Bring you appetite for all the Pizza and Salad you can eat with complimentary beverages.  Tickets are $20 per person or $35 per couple/family.  Checks should be made payable to King County GOP and mailed to Jennifer Holms, Chair, GOP Lincoln Birthday Party, PO Box 1291, Mercer Island, WA 98040.

Campaign Workshop: Current and potential candidates will gain a wealth of information at Seattle Pacific University on Saturday, Feb. 9, beginning at 9:30 PM.  This will be the first of a series of workshops planned for the year for the candidate.  Feb 9th's workshop will feature "Kickoff Kits" that include information on budgeting, fundraising, and precinct voting trends.  The afternoon workshops will give training on public speaking.

King County Convention: May 18th is the tentative date held at Cedar Park Church in Bothell.

Blanket Primary: The resolution to this constitutional question may take longer than some people expect.  We are going to do the best we can with district caucuses and nominating conventions.  The issue of the crossover vote is the unconstitutional part of the blanket primary.  There is a Catch-22 dimension to the question of the crossover vote.  Because there is no requirement for the voter to legally declare their party identity, the existence of the crossover vote has no legal basis.  The task for our lawyers will be to prove the statistical evidence of the crossover vote and its detrimental effects on the will of the people.  We have confidence they will succeed. 

To contact Dr. Reed Davis at the King County Republican Headquarters: call at (206) 378-1998.     Email:

2002 Caucus Calendar and Other Important Dates:

Jan. 29 First day for County Chairman to compile PCO list.
Feb. 2 Last day to appoint PCO to qualify as automatic delegate to the County Convention.
Feb. 2 Last day for County Chairman to file PCO list with State Party.
Feb. 2 Deadline for filing delegate allocation plan with State Party.
Feb. 2 Last day for County Chairman to notify PCOs of places for pooled caucuses.
Feb. 5 Last day for PCOs to notify County Chairman for caucus locations.
Feb. 5 County Chairman assumes responsibility for caucus locations.
Feb. 9 Deadline for State Chairman to notify Counties of problems with delegate allocation plan.
Feb. 16 County Chairman sends caucus locations to state headquarters and files with County Courthouse.
Feb. 26 Deadline for advertising caucus locations.
March 5, 2002, Republican Precinct Caucus. To be held at the Intellipass, 8 - 9 PM. The
Caucus will be chaired by Steve Skipper Four to eight delegates from each Precinct will be selected to go to the District Caucus.
March 12 PCOs mail results of caucuses to County Chairman.
March 14 REGULAR LEGISLATIVE SESSION ENDS (Article II, Section 12, Washington State Constitution).
March 18 County Chairman certifies list of automatic delegates.
March 26 First day to hold county conventions of legislative district caucuses.
April 6 Legislative District Caucus, Intellipass. Delegates to the state convention will be Elected. Legislative district candidates will be nominated according to the 25% Rule, which defines what candidate, has "gained significant support": any Candidate who has at least 25% of the vote will be nominated.
May 25 Last day to elect delegates to the State Convention.
May 31 Certification of 2002 delegates to the State headquarters.
June 7 Last day to elect state convention committee members.
June 21 State Chairman certifies list of automatic delegates in Bothel.
June 19 First day to apply for absentee ballots for the primary (RCW 29.36.220) (RCW 29.36.250).
June 28 - 29 State Convention, Bellevue Community College. The actual convention day is the 29th. The 28th is check-in day and Friday night will highlight the convention dinner. Would you care to volunteer for a convention task? If so, please contact Lorraine Blacklock at 425-432-1022.
July 4 Independence Day
July 5 Last day to file signatures for Initiatives to the People (RCW 29.79.020)
July 8 First day candidate filings by mail may be accepted (RCW 29.15.040).
July 26 Last day for all candidates to file for office (except Precinct Committee Officer candidates) (RCW 29.15.020) (RCW 29.24.070) (RCW 29.42.050).
Aug. 7 First day to apply for absentee ballots for the general election (RCW 29.36.220) (RCW 29.36.250).
Aug. 9 Last day for Precinct Committee Officer candidates to file (RCW 29.42.050).
Aug. 17 Last day to register to vote in the state primary except for in-person registration at the auditor's office (RCW 29.07.160) (RCW 29.07.152).
Aug. 30 Last day for in-person registration at the auditor's office for the primary (RCW 29.07.152) Note: Registration may be possible on August 31 if the County Auditor's office or any other designated location is open that day.
Sept. 2 Labor Day
Sept. 16 Last day for write-in candidates to file Declaration of Candidacy for the Primary (RCW 29.04.180).
Sept. 17 State Primary
Oct. 5 Last day to register to vote in the general election except for in-person registration at the auditor's office (RCW 29.07.160) (RCW 29.07.152).
Oct.8 Last day for Secretary of State to certify primary returns (RCW 29.62.100).
Oct. 16 Auditors to have absentee ballots available for state general election (RCW 29.36.270).
Oct. 21 Last day for in-person registration at the auditor's office for the general election (RCW 29.07.152).
Nov. 4 Last day for write-in candidates to file a Declaration of Candidacy (RCW 29.04.180).
Nov. 5 General Election

1. The next PCO meeting is Thursday, Feb. 21, at 7:00 PM at the Intellipass.
2. Karla Dyer (KELSEY), Vice Chair, will coordinate the Westside of the District.
3. Jon McIntyre (THOMAS), Vice Chair, will coordinate the Eastside of the District.
4. Charles Brezina (CAMELOT), Platform Chair-Karla Dyer, Alternate Platform Chair.
5. Dave Larson (FED 30-3079), Rules Chair-Jon McIntyre, Alternate Rules Chair
6. Marvy Schmidt (FED 30-3024), Credentials Chair

Credentials Report by Marvy Schmidt:
New PCOs:
1. Phillip J Herrera (FED 30-3003)
2. Nathan Cox (FED 30-2995)
New PCCs:
1. Ramona Tullis (EXCALIBAR)
2. Gerald Verbitsky (FED 30-3056)
3. Jason Loggett (FED 30-2998)
PCOs moved away: Richard Cox (FED 30-2995)
PCOs resigned: Edward Guerrero (FED 30-3028)
PCCs resigned: Frank Coloa (FED 30-3039)
Transfers from the 47th to the 30th District:
1. Lloyd Gardner (FED 30-3018)
2. Ray Schow (DES 30-3364)
Redistricting from 33rd to the 30th District:
1. Harold Thompson (AVALON)
2. Charles Brizina (CAMELOT)
3. Diana Graves (GUENEVERE)
4. Norman Sundquist (JEFFERSON)
5. Mark Clement (MERLIN)
6. Irwin Deirking (STACY)
7. Roger England (STARLAKE)
Redistricting from 31st to the 30th District:
John Stewart (KLUMP)
Redistricting from 25th to the 30th District:
1. Constance Borgomainerio (MIL 30-0808)
2. A.L. Hollingsworth (PAC 30-0885)
3. Judith D. Erickson (PAC 30-0886)
4. Carolyn Sturtz (PAC 30-0887)
5. Mark Ponder (PAC 30-2408)
6. Christopher Bayron (PAC 30-2856)

Comment by Walt Schrader on the Past Election: We are fortunate to see for the first time in twenty years, the makeup of the Federal Way School Board become conservative. With the election of Earl Van Dorien (FED 30-3289) and Ed Barney (FED 30-3008) and the reelection of Charley Hoff we now have four of the five board members who will dominate the course that education will go for our children. For Federal City Council, Linda Kochmar won her race unopposed. Bill Gates had a big win for Fire Commissioner-a race where the union establishment machine was opposing him. Those who were elected speak loudly of the quality people we have in our organization. Those who were not elected were also people of the highest quality. We need to better help our candidates get elected because the public cannot be depended on to see the candidates the way we see them.

Budget Report: The 30th District Treasury has a cash balance of $1,001.96.

Comment by Walt Schrader on the Redistricting: We have a new 30th District for the next ten years. We lost 13 precincts in Pierce County (Northeast Tacoma). We lost two precincts in Auburn to the new 47th District. We gain 6 precincts to the 30th District from the 25th District. Also, we gain 10 precincts to the 30th District from the 33rd District. And we gain 1 precinct to the 30th District from the 31st District.

Comment by Walt Schrader on the Primary for 30th District Elections: The 30th District is no longer a swing Republican. The 30th District Chairman believes we are now a swing Democrat. He hopes that there will be no more primaries in the future elections.

Precinct Committee Officer Declaration of Candidacy: all those present at the meeting were given application forms that will be forwarded to the King County Election and Records filing date in July 2002 by 30th District Chair Walter Schrader.

Jim Ferrell, Candidate for State 30th District Legislature: Jim is running against Mike Miloscia. As a King County Prosecutor, Jim has first-hand knowledge of the issues of crime in this state. His first Steering Committee met Jan. 20th. He has sent to all PCOs of the 30th District requests for donations to his campaign. Please give generously. Campaigns of this type are now costing about $50 - 70K. We can win this race!

Linda Kochmar (FED 30-3007), Federal Way City Council: Linda talks to everyone and knows what is going on in the Federal Way region. One thing she is concerned about is the construction of a new City Hall. There is an effort to construct one building in the city core. It will require a new road and a 300-car parking lot in an area where a 1200 car parking lot is already planned for Sound Transit. The cost will be more than $50 million. Linda likes the campus concept better. There are many available buildings in the same area as the present City Hall. Such will not impact on prime commercial property, which could be used for revenue creating businesses. One thing is certain, new taxation will be required to pay for it. Federal Way needs to build $103 million in roads alone. We need park improvement and more park land. The Federal Way School District has 32,000 students and their education needs require careful stewardship of the City's Budget. We should let the City Council members know our concerns for what certainly will be a reckless use us our tax dollars. Linda will forward our concerns to other members by emailing her at: or The Federal Way web site is Letters to local papers are also needed.

Ann Murphy (FED 30-3086), President of the Federal Way School Board: The Federal Way School District has been holding their Budget Advisory Committee meeting with little input from the average citizen. Openings are available for citizens to participate in the Committee. Call Ann Murphy for details.

>From now on the School Board Meetings will be held in the City Council Chambers on Tuesdays. Starting in May Board Meetings will be televised. In an effort to receive more public input, an informal forum for question and answer will be held on the last Tuesday of every month from 6 to 6:45 PM.

Ann is very concerned about the School to Work efforts being brought to bear by the unions and the business community. Ann wants the Liberal Arts model of education, which has served us well, to continue. We learned from Ann a new term: Industry Job Cluster (IJC). Do you know what your child's IJC? If you are concerned about a fascist system being imposed upon our education system, please write Ann and she will forward you're comments to those who have problems dealing with misguided progressivism. You can email Ann at

Meeting Adjourned