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Maps and Directions


We're open year round!
GlobeDirections From Dayton
  1. Watch for the Jackpot Station
  2. Turn right on Murphy Street
  3. Go one block north to the park's entrance
GlobeDirections From Walla Walla
  1. Follow Highway 12 north
  2. At the flashing light, turn right
  3. Follow Highway 12 towards Dayton
  4. After crossing the bridge, turn left on Murphy Street
  5. Go one block north to the park's entrance
Image of the park

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Campground line

Wheatland Estates
705 Maple
Waitsburg, WA 99361
Phone: 509-337-6352
Fax: 509-337-6021

Call for reservations at:

Office hours: 9AM-5PM
Late check-ins welcome

For more information email:

All questions concerning reservations and availability need to be directed to the phone number above.

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