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A Little Bit of Life


I've learned a few things about life in my 17 years. Here are some of the pointers I've learned. Some the hard way, some not.

Life is a gift, once it's gone it's gone forever. Take care of your body, because if you don't, it will bite you in the ass sometime. Your body is the greatest tool you'll ever have.

Make friends, and keep them. For, one day you may desperately need them. Don't have just one "group" of friends. Like, don't just hang-out with the "preppies" or the "geeks". The more "groups" you're in the more friends you will have to back you up when you need them.

If someone likes you and you don't like him/her. Don't pretend you do. And when they find out you really don't like them. DO NOT GIVE HIM/HER A HUG, or lead them on in any way. That will show you do have feelings for them even if you don't, and he/she will end up liking you more. If you like a someone do not be afraid to show it. You never know he/she may like you too.

There's some pretty heavy shit out there in the real world so try to stay focused. The more focused the further you will go in life. If you want something, go get it, no one's going to get it for you. So get off your lazy ass and do something about it. Dreams can come true.

Your parents may piss you off sometimes, but they are your parents, that is there job. one day you will thank them for that curfew, or for not letting you go to that one party. Even though you think you know what is best for you, they know what might be better for you.

If one of your friends is having a hard time, stay by their side, don't just leave them behind. Even if you joke around alot, it does not hurt to ask them every once in awhile if everything is ok. Because everybody has a few demons lurking within, and when they show their ugly face, you need a true friend there to help. Not somebody who will just laugh at you and tell you to brush it off, cause that just fuels the fire.

Stress kills, take time off for your self. If shit is starting to get to you, step back. Life if just too damn short to worry about all the little things.

I haven't learned everything, I still have a while to go (the rest of my life), those were just some of the things I have.

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