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My grandmother Bettye "Moe" Brown, held by her mother Louetha Jones Brown, 1926

My name is Ryan Wadleigh and I live in Seattle, Washington. This Website is the product of about 10 years of my genealogical efforts, as well as the countless amount of research that has been done by those in the past and those who have collaborated with me and helped me in my pursuits. I could not have been so successful in my research had it not been for the invaluable assistance of so many people. Many of their names are listed at the bottom of this page.

It is my goal that this Website will be useful to many people. I think that relatives and family members with little interest in genealogy will enjoy some of the photos and short family histories. My documentation and sources should also be useful to fellow genealogists. This Website is a work in progress, and I am continually adding records. If you have any ideas or information to add, please do not hesitate to e-mail me (, also feel free to sign my guest book.

At 24 years of age, I am younger than most that pursue genealogy as a hobby (or obsession). I have always had an interest in history, yet I can trace my fascination with genealogy to a point in my childhood when I visited the wax museum in Victoria, BC and saw representations of Henry VIII and his wives (you can ask about my chain of reasoning, but that's a story in and of itself). Basically, I believe our ancestors lived (usually) more interesting and harder lives than we do now. I find it a shame that now they are dead and hardly anyone cares. With my research, I hope to bring some life to these fascinating people. If you can help, please do!

I am Northern European through-and-through (except for some possible Native American and Moroccan ancestry). I am mostly English, then German, then Scottish. The rest of my ancestry is comprised of Danish, Dutch, Irish, Welsh, French, Swiss, and Swedish blood.

My primary ancestral lines (great-grandparents):

Additional lines:

Allen Barklow Beck Bennett Bousman Bowen
Brodie Brooks Brower Butler Cannon Cowan Crobarger
Current Damm Dearborn Dunham Dunsmore Foust
Freese French Grant Halliburton Hatfield Hill
Hunt Huyck Kling Lilienthal Martin Möller
Murray Owen Palfrey Parrish Radford Riddle
Ross SeilhammerStearns Stephens Sthreshley Stilley Streu
Taylor (NY) Taylor (NH) Taylor (VA) Thurston Tilton Uepkendanz
Warwick Wheless Whitlock Willits Winters Woodson



Royal and Indian ancestry

A collection of recipes that belonged to Bertha Hoffman Bixby, my great-grandmother

Diary of Odin Wadleigh for the year 1906

Cemeteries our ancestors are buried in, and some photos of their tombstones

dead ends of my ancestral tree - please help!

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Thank you to Susan Wadleigh Gard for financial contributions to this website!

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Bob Allen, Mary Alvarado, Bonnie Anderson, Wendy Angove, Bob Arens, Joan Aslin, David Bartlow, Patti Bates, Joanne Benne, Sande Berger, Kevin Biersdorff, Betty Boroski, Beckie Brewster, Walter Briggs, Kelly Brown, Maggie Brown, Mary Jo Brown, Martha Brownson, Cyndi Buie, Andrea Burke, Mary Cable, Gloria Carpenter, Rob Casebeer, Pat Chadwick, Janet Chappell, Nancy Christie, Bert & Margaret Chumbler, Alleen-Marie Coke, Elizabeth Corethers, Barbara Cowan, Charles Cox, Dave Cox, Marilyn Current, Roger Davis, Dave De Hart, Mike Densmore, Lynne Diltz, Larry Dunham, Sharon Ellis, Seely Foley, Audrey Franklin, Susan Fraser, Susan Wadleigh Gard, Jim Garrity, Evalou Gomez, Delbert Greer, Craig Hahn, Marianne Hale, Russ Hanson, Sandra Harris, Frank Hathaway, Fran Hays, Carole Hoffman, Paul Hosse, Violet Hysell, Faye Jensen, Michael Jeunehomme, Michael Jones, Robbie Kellar, Laurie Kenville, Kim Kester, Fred Kindel, Chris Kling, Peter Klinge, Cliff Lamere, Keith Larson, Rose Lawson, Norma Ledford, Virginia, Lindsey, Jim Long, Ruth Lugowski, Steve Martin, Susan Masse, Rose McIntosh, Donna McQuade, Chris Meinicke, Laura Melton, Frank Merriman, Lynne Miller, Elizabeth Montgomery, Toni Moody, Merritt Mullen, Phillip Naff, Larry Nichols, Rene Nillson, Tim & Elizabeth Norpell, Donna Odland, Mike Palmer, Ron Pancner, Patricia Peterson, Bob Phillips, Kenton Poole, Donna Porter, June Potter, Bille Reynolds, Mona Rhone, Elaine Rigby, Jeany Roark, Jim Robinson, Tom Robison, Roanne Ryall, Dawn Saari, April Salinas, George Sanborn, Debbie Schmidt, Julie Schopps, Patricia Seaver, Marion Sinnott, Carolyn Smithfield, Leonie Smith, Mary Solomon, Steve Spicer, Kathy Stice, Eileen Talburt, James Taylor, Rosetta Thorpe, Carolyn Vance, Eric Wadleigh, Michele Wagner, Marilyn Walker, Dorothy Wear, Frances Webb, Kathy Wright, Martha Wright, Terrie Wright, and Ellnora Young.

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