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Welcome to the Home of Clowning Around with T. Tator Tot the Clown & Co.


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Introducing...T. Tator Tot the Clown

Hi there, and welcome to T. Tator Tot's home page, Glad that you could stop in for a visit! This is T. Tator Tot the clown. A professional clown. She loves being a clown and loves to have this profession as her job. She is always going to clown conventions, balloon conventions, balloon jams, face painting conventions and face painting jams and continuing her education to be the best clown she can be! She has been clowning now in the Everett/Seattle Washington area since 1996. She love kids and kids at heart. She also loves to make people smile and laugh.

"Yummy, Who said clowns taste funny??"

T. Tator Tot has appeared at the following events and numerous Birthday parties, daycares, graduation parties, weddings, adoption parties, company picnics, corporate events and more through out the Greater Puget Sound. She also works/worked with numerous entertainment companies!

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Where does Tator do these things you ask?

T. Tator Tot (and all the alternate egos) clowns around at birthday parties, weddings, restaurants, fairs, school events, graduations, daycares, elderly care homes, preschools, family picnics/reunions, adoption parties, church activities, company picnics, grand openings, malls, sports events, corporate events, promotional events, customer appreciation days and more. You name it and she can be there! If you have a upcoming event and you would like to see her be there, make sure you email or call T. Tator Tot soon or check out her facebook page!

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CLICK HERE and Make sure you check out the questions and answer page on planning the perfect party!

You can hire her for as little as 10-15 minutes for a balloon delivery or make it a surprise and pay by credit card or through PayPal below just click on the link sign up and give Tator a call and she can give you a quote and you can pay through PayPal for the perfect surprise!

I accept payment through PayPal!, the #1 online payment service!

Leona, Biggins, and Tator for a Valentines day balloon delivery

or for as little as an hour and 15 minutes for a birthday party (up to 15 kids)or any other event that you would like her to entertain your guests. If you would like her for more then 3 hours discounts will be applied. She can do one or more "specialty" during the time she is hired, depending on your needs. Call today for a quote!

What are some of the things Tator (and the alternate egos) do you ask??

She will come to your event and do balloon sculpting, (click to see pictures)face-painting (cheek art and full faces), pocket magic, hula-hoops

and bubbles, air brushing, glitter tattoos, storytelling, jokes, games, songs and dancing with the guests.

When she comes for a birthday party she does balloon animals and/or hats and facepainting (full faces or cheek art), then its off to play with the hula hoops,

Magic Bubble Wands that make HUGE bubbles(that she even sells if you'd like some for your kids),

and the parachute for some games, and do some pocket magic! She also helps serve the birthday cake and will sing the birthday child a special happy birthday song! If for some reason there is rain (like that will happen in the pacific northwest?!?! HAHA) then we have Feather balancing, juggling scarves then we will do the hokey pokey and

the chicken dance!

Then we are done and there are lots of hugs!

For company picnics or Christmas parties she can do whatever you ask, from entertaining the children, playing games, to getting the caterer, the DJ and a place you would like to get together for your function. For Holiday festivities "Dingles the Elf" or Mrs Claus, would be more then ready to help you out with the same things that T. Tator Tot does only she is dressed up as the character you choose.

Make sure you visit Christmas House Page. They are a great organization for people who are in need during the Christmas season and are always accepting donations for help.

At grand openings, fairs, school events, restaurants,sporting events, malls, or church activities she will facepainting (full faces or cheek art), make balloon animals and hats, do pocket magic, and can even bring "Frenchy the bird" (she is a pink, purple and white puppet) the parrot or our favorite baby monkey in a banana, a real live looking owl or a super cute stuffed puppy that looks real to walk around with or anything else that you would like.

Tator Tot, Biggins and Goofoff the clowns in North Carolina

This is from left to right: Jordan, Giggles (now retired), Allison, Miranda, T. Tator Tot and Gracie (in the stroller) playing at the Evergreen State Fair in Monroe.

Tator and Frenchy clowning around (again!!)

Cool hat and "lite sabre" Dude!

Playing with the big kids at Emerald downs!

and playing with the little kids at Emerald downs!

Jakob & Kylie Going Away party

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    May 31,2008 Just want to thank you for the WONDERFUL job you did with the kids at our party today. So many parents let me know that their kids loved you – I hope you get a few bookings out of our party today. Several wanted your cards you passed out. I appreciate you entertaining the kids while the adults got to visit. I’d recommend you anytime! I hope it wasn’t too overwhelming – you did a great job. Thanks again – our best to you! Eric and Steph

    May 18, 2008 Hi T. Tator Tot, Thanks very much for a wonderful evening. All guests were raving about your performance. We especially liked how you were able to get our son to come join the fun. He was quite shy at first but seeing you interact with the other kids helped him finally come out to play and enjoy the hoola hoops. Thanks again. Jasdeep

    26, March 2006 Thank you for your contribution in making our party a fun event and for staying for the extra time to make sure everyone has their toys!!! Everyone (including the adults) had so much fun! The balloon toys and hats were treasures for the kids! They held on to them all the time. :) We would definitely love to have you at our future parties and most certainly recommend you to our friends and family. You were wonderful. The next time we will make sure we have you for more time so we can do all the fun activities you have to offer. :) Ushma.

    Wed, 05 Oct 2005 Terri, I should have sent this 2 weeks ago. I just wanted to say thank you for a job well done at Cate's birthday party on September 17. Cate and all the kids had a great time and all the parents were impressed with the activities you did with the kids. Thanks again, Cheryl S

    Sat, 24 Sep 2005 Hi T. Tator Tot, I wanted to tell you again how much fun you made our day today. Dustin seems to like clowns. I didn't find your name tag.......I kept looking! I have seen your website. I belong to a moms club and we do carnivals on occasion for the kids and such and will definitely keep your website in my favorites! Thank you in advance. Karen B

    Mon, 7 Jun 2004 We cannot thank you enough for all you did at Matthew’s 5th birthday party! He had so much fun and even though he never got real talkative with you at the party, he has not stopped talking about you since you left! You were a real hit. He has already told me 20 times he wants T Tator Tot for his 6th birthday! We loved the magic, the bubbles were awesome and of course the balloons were a huge hit. Matthew is still laughing about you singing Happy Birthday backwards! Thanks for all your special attention. We could not be happier. You received many compliments and three parents took your card. Not that you need it but please feel free to use us as a reference. Thanks again! Sara J

    Thu, 14 Aug 2003 Terri, You were a very big hit at our block party. I'm sure children always love you... but, you'll be happy to know I had many, many adults who commented on what an excellent job you did! Thank you very much. We've already set a date for next year's party. It will be Saturday, July 31st. Would you like to come again from 7:30-8:30? It seemed to me that you must of referenced the book I spoke to you about because you used many of the techniques included in it. Thank you for that. You hats were truly very fun! (I have a wonderful picture of myself in the one you made for me. I love it!) Thank you very much for your time and talent. Shannon

    (T Tator Tot note: I've been doing this block party since 2002 and am still doing it as of 2010!)

    Mon, 28 Oct 2002 Hi T-Tator Tot, I just wanted to send you an email to thank you for coming to my son's 2nd birthday party on Sunday, October 27th. There were so many people that I didn't get a chance to talk to you before you left to tell you what a wonderful job you did. Preston did not have a nap that day so was not very cooperative, but normally is very fond of clowns. I was glad to see that all Preston's friends had a great time. The face painting was great! I was so glad to hear that you did face paintings when I called you. The kids loved it. Thanks again, and we will defiantly keep you in mind for future parties. Thank you, Heather

    Having fun with the kids at the City of Duvall Road Construction party March 2009!

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    Questions and Answers about T. Tator Tot the clown services!

  • What methods of payment do you accept?

    The preferred method of payment is check or cash the day of the party. We also accept major credit cards too! If its a surprise and you are not going to be at the party you're more then welcome to use a credit card or paypal or send a check or money order before the event!
  • Why can't I book on line?

    T. Tator Tot's schedule is often booked well in advance so its better to call or email to determine availability. Also remember before sending out your invitations make sure you HIRE T. Tator Tot first! Sometimes, everyone wants the same time slot! It's a lot easier to book at a different time then it is to find another great entertainer!
  • Is there a travel fee?

    Most of the time there is not, but depending on the driving time to your destination and gas prices increasing there might be. We will let you know when you call!
  • Am I "allowed" to tip T. Tator Tot?

    If you even dare to hand her any extra money in appreciation of her talent, guts, charm, intelligence and hard work, I guess we will just have to slap your hands and beat you with a stick . . . ! (thanks Sharron) although, see what the next question has to say
  • Okay, so if I am allowed to tip her, what is the proper amount?

    The proper amount is what you can comfortably afford.
  • Can adults participate in the activities?

    OF COURSE (but as you know all the little children get to be taken care of first!)
  • Speaking of activities, what does T. Tator Tot do at the parties?

    Most entertainers charge addtional fees for more activites! But NOT T. Tator Tot! For up to 15 kids, She comes in and does face painting, balloon animals, and pocket magic, if we are outside we have bubbles, hula hoops, and bubbles that her and the children do together! And if you are having a swim party.. we have our new GLITTER TATTOOS! They are waterproof and can last up to 10 days! Perfect for that swim party! If we are inside, due to weather or time of the party, we have feather balancing, juggling scarves, The Hokey Pokey and The Chicken Dances. Please make sure you click on T. Tator Tot's picture above to get to see pictures!
  • Just what does it cost to have T. Tator Tot come to our event?

    Cost's depend on the amount of time T. Tator Tot is going to be at your event. As a vested entertainer prices start at 125.00 for an hour and 15 minutes. As a Clown, Alice in wonderland, Pirate, SeaTot, the Fairy Godmother or Mrs Claus it is 150.00 for the same amount of time. Parties that are booked to start after 5PM are a minimum of 2 hours at the cost of $235.00.
  • Do you offer discounts?

    I do offer a discounted rate for events that are longer then 3 hours or repeat customers!!
  • If there is going to be more then 15 kids how long do you need to do everything?

    The more children that are at your event the longer T. Tator Tot needs.
  • What hours does T. Tator Tot work?

    T. Tator Tot works for sure Friday, Saturday Sunday and Monday's during anytime that you're holding an event! Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday's are a little harder for booking because of having a "real 9-5 job" (but please dont hesitate to call and see if something can be worked out!)
  • CLICK HERE and Make sure you check out the questions and answer page on planning the perfect party!

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    Seeds of Learning provides academic, fine arts, and foreign language programs in a supportive environment that will help children achieve their full potential. Click here for a free trial!

    You can contact T. Tator Tot, Mrs Claus, Alice in wonderland, Sea Tot, Tot the pirate, the Fairy Godmother or Dingles the Elf at (360)568-6300 or (425)319-6300 for more information or email her at


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