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Questions and Answers!

What do I need to know before planning my event?

Planning a party!

3-4 weeks before your party

  • * Make sure you call and see if the entertainer is available. If you plan on using outside entertainers such as clowns, magicians, face painters, pony rides, etc, book them at least one month ahead of time. Remember dates book up quickly (ESPECIALLY SUMMERS AND HOLIDAYS) and you need to check with the entertainer before you send out the invitations. Most parties are held in the middle of the day on a weekend day. To make sure you get the best entertainment available book the entertainment first then plan the party around the entertainer's schedual. The farther in advance that you do this the better the chances are that you're going to get the time and date that you want and need!
  • * Check your calendar with the entertainment. Pick a date and time for your party. Childrens parties usually last 1-1/2 to 2-1/2 hours long, while adult parties can extend 2 to 4 hours longer depending upon the event and theme. Remember to allow enough time for the entertainment as well as opening presents and any other games that youre going to offer at the party.
  • * Identify a theme for your party. If your planning a childs birthday party, ask them if they have a theme in mind. Themes can be an important part of any child's birthday party!
  • * Create a guest list including friends (daycare, school, sports teams, clubs) and close relatives. A good rule of thumb is to invite 2 children for every year old the child is and add 2 extra. (example: if the child going to be 4 years old invite 10 children. Ideally it should be one child for each year and add in two more children but this is not always possible!) Make sure that you let the entertainment know how many children are going to be at your party. If there are more children that show up and the entertainment doesnt know you're not going to get everything they offer!
  • * Shop for party supplies. You can find decorations, party favors, balloons, activities, pinatas, games and prizes online pretty cheap!
  • 2-3 weeks before your party

  • * Send out invitations to your guests. Include RSVP on the invites to help you plan with food and games. Simple ways to RSVP without being too formal is to have them call your home or e-mail you.
  • * Plan your activities, menu and games. Keep in mind the range of ages at the party and their interests. A rule of thumb is simple is always better. Always have more games in mind in the event the activities go quicker than you think. Depending upon age, pin the tail, limbo and bingo are good options.
  • * Order your cake and snack trays. If you are short on time, local grocery store deli can take a lot of work out of your party arrangements by creating snack trays.
  • * Ask close friends or relatives if they would help out on your party day.
  • 1 week before your party

  • * Make calls to those guests who have not returned RSVPs. Simply ask if they received your invitation and if they would be able to make it to your party.
  • * Check your camera and video cameras to see that the batteries are fresh and that you have plenty of film.
  • * Prepare foods that can be made ahead of time. This will be one less thing you have to worry about on the party day.
  • * Confirm your orders for a cake, snack trays, balloons, entertainment, etc...
  • 1-2 days before your party

  • * Remove previously prepared food from the freezer to thaw.
  • * Decorate indoors.
  • * Pick up the cake and snack trays. Pick up any last minute items at the grocery store.
  • * Make sure you have plenty of candles and matches for birthday parties.

    • * Finish all food and beverage preparation.
    • * Decorate outside including signs, streamers, lights, etc.
    • * Take lots of pictures and videos to create great memories. You may want to have your friends or guests take pictures as well.
    • * Take time for yourself during the party to have fun as well. Your friends, guests and family will appreciate the time you spend with them.
    • Have a great party and enjoy the entertainment!!