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"All of the poems on this page are of my own work. I hope you enjoy reading them and come back again soon to check out the new ones. I am constantly adding more poems. Feel free to email me at the address at the bottom of this page for your feedback. May you have a wonderous day and may God bless you all!"
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“ The Plea “

Staring into a void of oblivion,
I feel the need of you in my heart.
I wonder why things did not work out,
And now I wonder where to start.
I took an old shirt from the closet,
The one you once wore,
I hold it close to my cheek.
I smell you on this old shirt,
The fragrance you’d wear, week after week.
A tear comes to my eye as I remember those days,
And those nights were so unreal.
I pray that I could have one more chance,
But in my heart I know I have nothing left to give,
Nothing you don’t already have in your closet.
Feelings I want are now in my closet of memories,
Of that one day I can open the door,
And then those memories turn into reality.
Until that time, I live accepting what I can,
Dreaming of catching that love,
That wasn’t meant for me for me to hold.
I love you so much, I just wished you could see,
If I may be so bold,
That if I had you, in my arms is where you’d be.
I would never let harm touch you,
I would never let you cry,
I would always put you first next to God.
Whatever you wanted, I would get it, not try.
I would go to the end of the earth for you,
You mean that much to me.
If I had that one more chance,
To show my love to you,
I’d take you to a place, no matter what,
Side by side, you and I … Eternity.


~ Moon Pocket ~

The temptress lurks in the shadows of lust;
She follows your soul ‘til your heart turns to dust.
A magical spell she casts from her locket;
Fear falls from grace as you try to dodge it.
Run, Run, your heart beats faster;
Day turns to night as her spell shows disaster.
Look to the sky in the midnight hour;
To retrieve your soul in the bright light shower.
In reflection of day, tomorrow is coming;
The night has holy water, the Moon Pocket is flowing.
Stars pierce pinholes in the velvet night;
The shear disbelief from wrong and right.
The spell is lifted when you learn to believe;
That the Moon Pocket is with you in time of need.

"This poem is dedicated to Jeff, Mike, Rob, Steve, & Stephanie."

~ The Rain In My Heart ~

I sat in a café watching the rain run down the window;
Stirring my cup of coffee, sifting through memories.
Thunder echoes in the distance, striking a chord in my heart;
Taking me back to those days of my significant pasts.
A streak of lightening shifts my thoughts to my first love;
A meeting in a storm helping her put groceries in her car.
Giving her my jacket to keep her warm from the shivering cold rain.
What do I have now in my heart, I am without her, she is my pain.
The rain falls harder against my memories staring out of this window;
A streak of lightening shifts my thoughts to another significance.
A dinner for charity, I watched her in her elegance;
As she associated through the crowd, her smile was so striking;
Her personality melted my heart.
I am without her too, a broken heart, my heart cries, she is my pain.
I know that this pain was an ending for a new beginning.
I sat in a cold dark room and prayed for significance in my life;
She came with a phone call from a friend, now she is my wife.
The pain is gone and my troubled heart fades with the thunder;
I love her, I need her, she wants me, she loves me,
I pray to the Lord above, That she will keep me, 'til I'm six feet under.

~ Tigerize ~


I lay in my bed at night and stare;
At memories etched in my mind.
I count the blessing I have received,
And un-answered prayers left behind.
I wonder if I will ever see;
The love I once had, that power I need.
The power of a love that feeds in your heart;
And will not leave you stranded and apart.
I wish for this love to be my normal life;
And not be a wishful thought.
I’ve tried so hard, I have fought and sought;
To have that love, but so far naught.
Now and then I get a glimpse;
But it fades into shadows of life’s eclipse.
A constant struggle to have my love to that depth;
Only to have it shattered, that scar is kept.
Kept in my heart where I take it out at times;
I hold it up and look at it like a fairytale globe.
I know and I feel she is out there waiting;
Where and when is now my question.
I hope my wish comes true real soon;
But somehow I know she’s as far as the moon.

~ Tigerize ~


People listen as the world spins by;
Never imagining where destruction can reside.
In wide open spaces , it lies among us;
Devastating the world and it’s trust.
We never know what is lying under certain rocks;
We each have our own turn at the overturning rocks.
Turning over the shocking truth that lies beneath;
We sometimes cannot phathom the evil in a belief.
You are speechless to on what terror can reighn;
Our tears fall like thunder and rain.
In the time of pain, and heart breaking confusion;
We comfort each other with prayer, and unification.
In a mound of rubble, uncertainty prevails;
The lost lives of the innocent in rare details.
We wish for justice, we wish it quick;
It’s in our minds, it just doesn’t click.
Why would someone destroy our name?
To reach their glory and live in fame?
As Americans, we are together United;
We will not tolerate your hatred , “we’re decided.”
You have put a dent on our society;
But you will not destroy our destiny.
Freedom to make our own choices in life;
This will not be cut by your rusty knife.
Our Flag, The Stars and Stripes will fly until the end;
Don’t mess with what you can’t comprehend.

~ Tigerize ~
~ The Nature of My Beast ~

Dreamland awaits you, Close your eyes, Imagine you and I, Close as breath, Skin upon skin, Lips touching, For your taste of Raspberries, sweetly irresistible, The fragrance of you, Takes my breath away, I am burning inside, A torch of fire, Burning fuel of passion, For you are my desire, My heart beats with every breath, You are my destiny, Your eyes evade me, deep, dark, mysterious, I am your slave, Your love has captured me, Grab my body, Pull me close, Show me your love, In ways I could only dream. Wake me I must be dreaming, This is a fairytale.

~ Tigerize ~


The moon sets bright against the velvet night,
Stars pierce the velvet night like pinholes.
A silhouette of a lone wolf stands howling at the moon,
Echoes of darkness fill the night.
Peaceful silence embarks nature's soul existence.
A small fire sets a glow in the air,
The smoke fades to hazy memories,
Of warriors dancing before their Gods.
The trampling of dust under foot pounding dance,
The beat of the drums puts the mind into a trance.
The foxfire rolls through the foggy bottom,
Carrying the souls of Chiefs not forgotten.
An eagle cries as you lay down to rest,
Making the dream come true is your final request,
Catching the dream is your only quest.

~ Tigerize ~


Restless hearts lay awake at night,
Laying alone in different origins.
The sound of the dark plays music in their minds,
Staring into space, curiosity is there again.
What are these emotions that plagues their souls?
Love is the surgeon that slice their hearts,
Concern rebounds over the other's fate.
This love has been injected into their veins,
A drug that flows freely touching sensuous nerves,
It flows and flows 'til it's pounding in their brains.
They are addicted to this burning desire,
Keeping it going is their one precious fire.
When does it stop, it's up to their hearts.
Never I tell you will their token be broken,
Never will those words ever be spoken.

~ Tigerize ~

"The Best Love is an unconditional love, side by side,
The Best Love is loving a person no matter what."

~ Tigerize ~

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