Departed Love
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Departed Love

time before days are not known,
those days i spent my time alone,
moments clinging onto despair,
i could have sworn i saw her there,
in the briefest moments,
there wasn't a smile not even for a while,
i cared, i shared, i held her so dear within a snow drop,
within a tear, tearful dawn i wondered,
in my arms i no longer held her,
in my sacred heart i could no longer see her,
humming our song i led myself to sleep,
days worth remembering of youthful smiles,
at best i was still all alone,
all the flowers she planted in my heart,
crumbled as she depart,
i mumbled thru this sick universe, retarded,
throughly and truly in love,
her farewells were the best,
it made everything wors than it seemed,
while my heart yearns for more,
i pray that i'd grow blind so i wouldn't have to see her pretty face again...
after all the love i've given,
yet she still chose to desert me,
in my mind,
i'll never let the sparkle leave her eyes never let her grow old,
for if she fades from my mind,
still in my heart she'd stay...


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