Are You Aware
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Are You Aware

People say that fairy tales never comes true
It did when I held you
Tight in my arms as I did dare
More tight that you might expect i'm aware
I slip and smile cause you were there
For the first time I thoughtI felt love
Was it years ago, I'm not sure now I remembered kissing you yesterday
Since you were gone I've been afraid
To fail again…just happy being desolate I wish I'd been truthful with you
Told you that I love you
Then we might still have something I hunger for you I wonder why?
Could this be love, I wish I could deny
The pleasure of tasting your lips
Was simply wonder
None left me hopelessly wanting more
Then you had me chasing dreams
Your name churns in my heart
Boiling with what was and what could be
But rightly I have not surcum to reality
That you are not with me
Daily I am stirred from my bed
Thinking of what was constantly
All you'd once felt that you've surely forgotten
I feel sick every morning knowing I'd never find you by my side
Dragging myself out of bed
Praying that you're safely at home
The sick feeling is all that you left me
And the thought that you are not near me
Wounds my heart on every waking day
I wish this poetry could mean you'd be there when I awaken
I know that we meant something to each other once
I know I'd never feel right again

Sarah M.

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