August 31, 2000
August 31, 2000
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Sorry everyone, for the lack of progress at the site. I have been working 60 to 70 hour weeks at work, and have no time for anything else. I have been severly depressed the last couple weeks. I have been banned from my fiance, because I had to move to Lind in which it is long distance to talk on the phone with her. So her parents got the bill and say no visitations for 6 weeks and no phone privelages for 1 week. At any rate, I can't wait until she is of age where the law says she can make her own decisions. But as for now I must sit and suffer. I have no peer group, my fiance is everything to me. May sound pathetic to you, but for me she is all I need, all I have ever wanted. I am going crazy without her.
Back to the page, I want to apologize to all the authors who have submitted to me, and I haven't gotten them posted yet. They are coming, I do promise you that.
That is all for tonight, goodnight and God Bless!!!

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