Trials and Tribulations
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Trials and Tribulations

It's a party,
Come one, come all,
Come to the place
where the true players ball.

Guzzle your fourties,
But don't drink to much,
Cause you may never again
feel the human touch.

Smoke a bowl,
Do a line,
Feeling good?
I bet your fine.

Don't drink I told you 'fore we came,
Fucked up, Insecure, Neurotic, and Emotional,
I can't say
I told you so.

You layin' in the hospital,
Dying of this disease,
If only that alcohol
wasn't such a tease.

Trials and tribulations,
I must now face,
As you are going to rest
in your final place.

I wish I could say,
Sorry you didn't see it coming,
But now from the Prince of Darkness
you will be running.

I saw it coming,
But couldn't understand it,
Why, dear Lord,
are you putting me through this shit?

Celeste Adame