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Trapped in a ball of confusion, I want to fucking die,
Hear the laughter of the children,
The sounds of the adults as they start to cry.

I want them to know the same pain, I do every single day,
Falling to my knees,
Lord, to you I pray.

I know life, I know it's fucking rough,
Talked to my Higher Power,
When shit got too tough.

I knew love, well I thought I did,
Never had a parent,
In my life as a fucking kid.

Grew up, raging with anger,
Don't get close to me,
You might sense danger.

I'm your best friend, at the same time your worst nightmare,
Death was the only thing,
That could give me a scare.

The only person, with my fears I could confide,
Enter my heart,
And I'll soon start to hide.

I know shit ain't easy, and neither is pimpin',
Back up off me,
Or your right leg will be limpin'.

I know nothing, other than pushing people away,
Sleeping constantly,
Never seeing the light of day.

Darkness is my friend, for light it don't shed,
The place I go to,
When I'm wishing I was dead.

I toy with life, like I'm a fucking soulja,
Get out of my way I'm very destructive,
Motherfucker I done told ya.

I'm sorry if I scared you, it's what I do best,
Don't fuck with me though,
And you won't be put to rest.

Celeste Adame