Rough Times
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Rough Times

It crept up on me,
I don't know where it came from,
That's when I started pushing people away,
Boy, did I feel dumb.
Just when rough times hit me,
You stopped being there,
I thought you were a friend,
But, obviously you don't care.

Do you know how I sit up at night,
Trying not to cry,
Thinking of the good times,
Wondering when to say goodbye.
I thought foolishly you would be there,
When help was most needed by me,
But I was wrong,
This I now see.

Like waves crashing onto the shore,
I wish I was strong,
I thought I could trust you,
But I guess I was wrong.
I thought you loved me,
But that was a lie,
I wish I could love you,
But I would be living a lie.

Celeste Adame