Prince of Darkness
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Prince of Darkness

Dreams of hope and dreams somewhat of that word despair,
In a desperate world I don not care,
Like a cave I am shady,
Fucking thug not a lady,
Keep to myself when times are bad,
Do not believe in anyone when good times are to be had,
Falling to the floor,
Waitinf for the Lord to let me in heavens door,
Fuck the world can't show no affection,
Hate passion because I'm scared of rejection,
Welcome the Prince of Darkness into my world filled with hostility and rage,
Inside my own head I'm trapped in a cage.

Welcome death with open arms,
To those who dislike thugs I will bring harm,
Sex, drugs, and that gangsta rap,
Fuck all the haters who call that shit crap,
Quit hating go eat a fat one,
Your world of misery will end when I pull out my gun,
I'm on a path to destruction and nobody can hold me down,
With my family don't fuck around,
I'm an unbroken native with no time to spare,
About the word death I have no care,
For when I go it won't be to quick,
Look at the lord and say ahhh, sick.

Celeste Adame