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Let me tell you a story,
About this person I know very well,
Let me tell you about this person,
And her life of hell.

She grew up knowing not her family,
Mom and dad were no longer there,
Started to rebel,
Didn't think no one would care.

At the age of 11,
She started drinking and using dope,
Was ehr only way out,
Her only way to cope.

At the age of 15,
She went to party, left grandma scared,
Left a good world with nothing,
She was unprepared.

Entered treatment,
Life was going crazy,
Left grandmother's house,
Her vision was hazy.

Entered the life of recovery,
Banging and being a thug,
Thought no one would care,
If she used a single drug.

She faced death,
While going through hell,
She entered into recovery,
Doing not to well.

Gave up and started to accept,
Recovery is what she knew,
If this disease hadn't got the best of her,
She wouldn't be so fucking blue.

She is in recovery,
Life is going great,
She finally figured out,
It was the drugs she started to hate.

Celeste Adame