Lost In Love
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Lost In Love

Tryin' to understand why I feel this way,
Can't get you off my mind no matter how hard I try,
I'd do anything for you, boo,
Even lay down and die.

Words can't express that way I feel,
To me you mean so much,
You got me through some rough times,
I love to feel your touch.

It drives me crazy,
Seeing you look into my eyes,
I'd give you my all,
Right down to my demise.

The only thing that matters to me,
Is the love you have to give,
I know that with you in my life,
Is reason enough to live.

If home is where the heart is,
Then I should be with you,
Cause home is where the heart is,
And my heart belongs to you.

A thug falls for someone,
Once in a great while,
I love everything about you,
Especially your style.

I love the way you dress,
The way you fix your hair,
I love being around you,
Breathing in your air.

Celeste Adame