Fuck Dying
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Fuck Dying

I stare at the heavens,
Waiting for my time to go,
Waiting for grandfather,
To let me go,
I wanna leave,
Is my only thought,
Fuck the world,
Can't find the serenity I've so desperately sought.

Falling deeply into a hole,
I don't want to climb out,
I'm not going to cry,
That's not what I'm about,
Thugs don't cry,
At least that's what I think,
Wanting to pick up a bottle,
Oh, how I want to drink.

Reality is kicking my ass,
Though I've fought really hard,
While going through the deck of life,
I want you to pick my card,
Death around the corner,
I feel his presence,
I'll peek around the corner,
But I am hesitant.

I wanna die,
No wait, I don't,
Come close to me death,
I pull you in and tell you I won't,
I can't dies,
I'm too fucking young,
I haven't heard the winds,
Or my songsbeing sung.

I need my life to wrestle,
With me some more,
Oh, dear lord,
Don't call me out and shut my fucking door,
I'm too young,
To even think about dying,
I've got two words for you,
Fuck dying.

Celeste Adame