Failed...Yet, Again
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Failed...Yet, Again

An expectation I can't live up to,
Oh, how I've failed...yet again,
Why, oh why,
Did I lie to my friend?
I'm sorry I hurt you,
It won't happen anymore,
I'm sorry for lying,
I've broken your heart right down to the core.

Crying inside,
Empty thoughts,
I've struggled to keep this friendship,
Oh, how I've fought,
Caught up with emotions,
Emotions I hate to feel,
I feel I've taken from you,
Why do I steal?

You know I hate myself,
For what I've put you through,
I didn't want to tell you,
I thought I'd keep it cool.
It's hard to carry on,
Knowing it's you I made cry,
The last time I said I love you,
Without saying goodbye.

My friend,
Trying times I must now face,
Your a soul,
I could never replace.
Believe me I've tried to fill,
That void within me,
Through the haziness of the drugs,
I just could not see.

I've hurt you,
Though, I'll never understand why,
I've hurt a good friend,
Sorry I made you cry.
I'd like if you accepted,
What I've put in front of your eyes,
I'll live with this day,
Right until my demise.

Celeste Adame