Don't Ask
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Don't Ask

Don't shed a tear,
When I've lost my way,
Don't ask me to speak,
When I have nothing to say,
Don't ask me to love,
When there's nothing in my heart,
Don't ask me to finish,
When I don't want to start.

Don't ask to get to know me,
When you don't want to know what I'm feeling within,
Don't pretenf to love me,
When you don't know my life of sin,
Don't tell me lies,
When the truth I already know,
Don't ask for rain,
When you really hope for snow.

Don't ask for my truest thoughts,
When I know you can't handle it,
Don't tell me how to run my life,
When I've been through all this shit,
Don't ask me for nothing,
When I have nothing to present,
Don't ask for my forgiveness,
When you know it's you I resent.

Celeste Adame