Didn't Take Much
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Didn't Take Much

I had an answer,
For a question I often asked myself,
I know that I won't find happiness
In power or wealth,
Lost the answer,
In a dire time of need,
Said 'Fuck the world,'
And smoked some weed.

I knew life,
Before shit hit the fan,
Live life today,
The best that I can,
Came in with a heart,
Black as coal,
Didn't take much for me,
To smoke another bowl.

Anger built up,
To the point where I'd hit a wall,
I knew the drugs would make me feel,
At least ten feet tall,
A defect of character,
That was mine, all mine,
Didn't take much for me,
To snort another line.

Pain was something,
I could front so well,
That's why I came here,
To escape my life of hell,
Partying was cool,
I thought it was fun,
It was fun until I realized the pain,
As I work step one.

I must thank you, Higher Power,
For the life I have today,
Though suprised as hell,
That you didn't take it away,
Look at the destruction,
And all that I've caused,
I realized today, Higher Power,
Yes, we all have flaws.

Celeste Adame