Anger in My Thoughts
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Anger in My Thoughts

I walk down the street,
deep into the unknown,
I see a familiar place,
I think I call it home,
My eyes are bloodshot red,
lids down real low,
Look at me feet,
and realize I'm walkin' real slow.

Pain got to be too much,
decided to go use,
Was a no-win situation,
I'd always fuckin' lose,
Face is beat red
as I walk down the street,
My higher power I will soon meet.

Death's calling my name,
I won't answer back,
Look over my shoulder
for fear of an attack,
Attack from what,
I really don't know,
I'm goin' backwards,
but forwards I want to go.

An oxymoron of life,
the thing that goes round and round,
A cry comes from my mouth,
but there is no sound,
Death's on my mind,
I can't even fucking sleep,
Into my thoughts,
slowly did it creep.

Tired of pain,
tired of lonliness,
Tired of all you motherfuckers
trying to second guess,
I'm not stupid,
I know what you are trying to pull,
I want to explode
but I get even madder playin' it cool.

Like DMX I'm slippin',
I'm falling, I can't get up,
Fuck you haters
for telling me to pee in a cup,
Be like 2Pac
and dissapear into the night,
I'll tell you now, bitch,
I won't go down without a fight.

I'm tired of head games
you try to play with me,
Tell me to look up but my vision is hazy,
I can not see,
Dope is my friend,
I'll tell you this much,
Forget all you haters,
I hate the human touch.

There is nothing for me,
not here or at home,
Anger is on my mind,
this is how I make it known,
Poetry is my only escape
from the reality of this fucked up life,
Do you think I can find serenity
as I reach for the knife?

I won't do it,
I mean I can't even try,
When the thought enters my mind,
I start to cry,
Yeah I cry,
this much I'll tell you sons-of-bitches,
Life for me,
will go on without a hitch.

Anger in my thoughts,
nah, gee, you think,
I want to pick up a bottle,
oh how, I want to drink,
Sarcasm in my poem,
gee, your fucking smart,
Don't argue with me,
I don't want to fucking start.

Celeste Adame