Ain't It Funny
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Ain't It Funny

Funny how people blab their mouths
When in them you confide,
Funny how people are always there
When you want to hide,
Funny how the ones you trust the most
Stab you in the back when you least expect it,
Funny how life promises you gold
But you recieve a bag of shit.

Funny how life finds its way into your heart
When you wanna die,
Funny how you you smile
But inside you yearn to cry,
Funny how when you sit around
And still manage to get an "A,"
Funny how words come out of your mouth
When you have nothing to say.

Funny how you yearn to open up
And let people in,
But you are scared
Because your past is full of sin,
Funny how you say 'fuck the world'
When you really care,
Funny how you open up
When you don't want to share.

Funny how people you love
Just up and fucking leave,
Funny how you didn't drink
But your car started to weave,
Funny how when you find the right person
There is always a flaw,
Funny how you remember seeing something
But it's something you never saw.

Funny how life fucks you over
When you love it the most,
Funny how you live in the desert
But yearn to live on the coast,
Funny how mom loves you
But don't want you at home,
If she really loved you
Why don't she make it known.

Celeste Adame