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"Love is that condition in which the happiness of another person is essential to your own."

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Purpose of "The Poet's Guild"

The Poet's Guild is a place where emotions, feelings, ones own life experiences, can be expressed, not only for their benefit, but for yours as well.

Poetry can never be fully understood by the reader, that is only for the author to know, but that is the beauty of words. You take it as you like, relating to it as you see it.

This site is for the readers of poetry, as well as, for those who write it, and wish to submit their writing's in a friendly and safe environment.

"The tragic mistake is to assume That any treasure, object, or person, Must be possessed to be loved."


Every one has someone or something that they consider an inspiration. I am no different. (This is where I tell you all about it =P)
My inspiration is my beautiful fiance, if it wasn't for her, then this page would not be here. A year or so ago I had given up on writing, just didn't have anything to write about. I pretty much lost all hope for love, and for life. Since meeting her, she has shown me who I am, and who I want to be. She has opened up my eyes to the world, given me a new look on life, and has given me new inspiration.
Melody I thank you for your love, your patience, understanding, and your willingness to look through my past and see the person inside. You are my inspiration, and I am proud to be the person I am today and it is all thanks to you and the man upstairs. Thank you so much!!! I love you always and forever!!!


I dedicate this page to:
My Family---for putting up with my sh*t, and being supportive through my troubles!!!
Sundown M Ranch---for all of your help, for my friends I met and the staff for everything!!!
J.K.R.H.---for the good and the bad times, the laughter and the tears, it was great!!!
Friends---for showing me who my friends are, and who to trust and who not too!!!
Melody---for everything, but mostly for you love, and for your understanding, I love you!!!
Diana---your so awesome, thanks for everything, you've not only been there for your girl, but for me too!!!
Ms. Smith---you are so caring, and have such a loving nature about you, thanks for all the understanding!!!

Ryan's Poetry

A complete works of poetry by Ryan Hane, as of June 15, 2000. These are my real life experiences, thoughts, and feelings, put on to the web, for your enjoyment. With these poems I have expressed how I have felt through certain ordeals in my life. I hope that some can realate with my experiences, find peace, or simply leave happier than you did when you got here.

Ryan's Poetry

Celeste's Poetry

Here we have a few poems given to me by a special friend. She hasn't had what you would call an easy life, and her poetry does reflect this. Her poetry is somewhat darker than mine, but as a writer she is one of the best I have ever seen. She really has a special talent. Since meeting Celeste and talking with her, hearing her poetry, I have viewed poetry differently. We have since lost contact, so I have no means to contact her, but one last thing I know she would want me to say is these poems were written by her and to respect the copyright laws. Celeste if you ever read this, I hope this is what you meant when you said I would know what to do with them.

Celeste's Poetry

Other Poetry

These are all the poems that have been submitted to me through the sumbission form. All authors are listed by last name if possible, if last name wasn't given then they are listed by first name. Authors that gave a nickmname are listed by the same principle as the names, if you had a two part nickname such as "Little Ducky" you would be listed as "Ducky, Little." All are alphabetized so they can be easily found.
There are a variety of poems on here, all different styles, and different themes. These are all original works by the listed author and may not be used for personal use unless permission is granted by the mentioned author!!!


Submit Your Poetry

When submitting your poetry, please make sure you submit it in the format you want it displayed in. And please don't submit in all caps. When you submit poetry at "The Poet's Guild" you are given proper credit for your work. In no way will your poetry be used for any other reason that to be here so others can enjoy. As to profanity in poetry, I believe there is a time and place for it, I will be the sole judge on whether or not poetry submitted, is acceptable to be posted on this site. Thanks and please feel free to submit your poetry by clicking on the following link:

Submit Your Poetry Here!!!

My Journal Entries

These are my views on how well my day went. Which may not be interesting to some people, but I think it is more for my benefit that any one else's anyway. I just put them up here, because I can remember to write on my web page more than I can in a notebook or something like that. At any rate if you do read these I hope you enjoy!!!

Journal Entries From Ryan

Suggestions and Comments

I am always open to suggestions and comments. If you don't see something you would like too, let me know. I will see what I can do. Tell me how you like the page, what you don't like. Any input is better than none. Thank you for stopping by and please come back and see what is new.

Comments and Suggestions

All content, other than other poet's poems, on this site is Copyright 1998-2000 by Ryan Hane.
All Rights Reserved

Comments and Suggestions

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