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*The Legalities, Disclaimers & Other Such Nonsense*

I, Seta, am the watcher of the Helix. Or in other words, I'm the one that puts this thing together.

This site was created when I grew tired of a few things: 1. Dead links that were present on other pages and were unmarked.  2. Links that were only "up" to the webmaster's standards.  3.  Multiple duplicate links to the same site. 

So, I decided to create the Helix. 

The Helix will bring to everyone links of variety and anything Fushigi Yuugi!!!  Something that I think makes this link index rather special is that I have taken the effort of giving you a description (a very bare one at times) of each site. Keep in mind that these are my opinions and they are by no means what anybody else might think the site might be like (or even what the website owner may think!). 


 Everything related to Fushigi Yuugi is owned by: Watase Yuu, Flower Comics, Pioneer, Studio Pierrot, Movic and VIZ productions.

Everything related to Rurouni Kenshin is owned by: Nobuhiro Watsuki, Sony, Jump, SPE and anyone else I failed to mention. Gomen.

I did not come up with any of the original images, story, or characters to any of these anime and manga! 

Also, all of the sites listed within the Helix are owned by that particular webmaster for that site. By no means is the Helix claiming ownership of any of the sites listed here. The Helix also does not claim any responsibility for what is contained on these sites.  Hopefully, when I checked them and when you check them, the site has not changed so much that this will be a problem. 

One last thing, the Helix *searches* for these sites through other sites and webrings and so forth as well as accepting submissions.  This site is actually here for my enjoyment and reference. Consider it an incredibly large bookmark! ^_^


But I do try to be fair and the only thing I really get cheesed off about are the sites that have music that suddenly starts when you reach the site. So, if the site does contain opening music I shall warn you about it (most times). Midi's are always a nice touch but only when they can be controlled.


I have also tried to use the banners that were made for sites that wanted banners and if you have a site that has just recently acquired a banner please notify me of this and I shall try to use it. If you link to this site please link to  and not the individual pages! I say this because I will change internal links.


Like I said before, I will definitely update the links whenever necessary so there shouldn't be any dead links at this site. But, in case there is one that slipped past me, then e-mail me. If someone has a site that they would like me to look at, notify me of this and I shall be more then happy to! Remember, that's how I keep this site up!  Also, if I go to the site and suddenly it's not there, I will shift it into the Deadlink Depository. It's too hard to keep waiting for the site to maybe appear when I know how annoying it is to hit a dead link.


All of the images are not mine, although I have altered all of the images to my liking. I also scanned some of these images in myself. Also, all of the screencaps are done by me.  They are owned by Watase Yuu and Nobuhiro Watsuki. I also really don't mind if you take the pictures, but please give me credit for scanning them if you can.  

Pop-Up Ads

I think that's it. :) Oh yes, one small yet really annoying thing. Angelfire. Used to be that we'd get banner-free sites or at least a banner we can close at the first instance and never see again. Apparently this isn't good enough for them and they've rather started to get evil on me. I apologize for the banners and the only way I can get rid of them is to "upgrade" to a pay site and I don't see that happening ever. :) Again, it's a pain to me so I can very well imagine it's a pain for you all as well, but it's beyond my control.