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June 4, 2007: Quite a few new links added (Click on "Index" above). Mostly old sites that I came across, but some are interesting.

Will be tweaking some of the menus, but the links will remain as they are. We're still alive as a site...8 years and counting.

Exactly where am I?

Go to your nearest media shop and buy Fushigi Yuugi vol.1. And/Or perhaps some addictive browsing through (possibly) the largest selection of Fushigi Yuugi links online can tide you over. Fushigi Yuugi is the title of a Japanese anime and manga series created by Watase Yuu.

The Helix is a site which contains a Fushigi Yuugi link index of over 600 different FY related web sites. All sites are categorized by subject and in alphabetical order (Roman).

There are also sections done by me giving character information as well as media info and a very small section devoted to Koyasu Takehito. (Click on "Stuff" above)

Oh yes, and one more thing...banners. *glares at Angelfire* This site started years ago when there were NO banners. If you have ad blockers, please use it. *sighs*

Fushigi Yuugi links listed: ~ 611

Working Links: 287 (and counting)

Dead Links: 270 (*sigh* and counting)

Submitting a Fushigi Yuugi Web site? You actually have one?!? ^_^;

To submit a site to the Helix, please include the Title of the site and the site URL. Each site will be looked at by me and each site must be a Fushigi Yuugi site or a site that contains something pertaining to Fushigi Yuugi. Any sites that are general anime sites and do not contain anything FY will be discarded. If you wish to submit a Fushigi Yuugi web site to be added to the Helix's index, please use the form provided! Thank you!

Please be sure that all the information is correct before submitting. If something was typed in wrong, please resubmit the form, please!

Small note as of March 28, 2003 (edited 1/31/06)

I am deeply saddened that there are so many wonderful FY sites out there that are no longer in existence. Having gone through a series of links in the links index and finding a few dead links, I came to the realization that this site has really BEEN up for that long...going on 8 years now. Within that 8 year stance there has been a great shift from the "old" fans who only knew fansubs to the newer fans that live off Pioneer. Many of those that operated the old sites have now moved on. While I have found my own enthusiasm lacking in recent years, I still want to have a sort of tribute to those sites that stood solidly by us fans for so long. Because of this, dead links will remain on this site but they will be placed in the new Dead Link Repository (Click on "General" once you've loaded the index). Not only will they serve as a reminder, but hopefully (just maybe...) those owners will upload their sites again. Thank you, and may those that do have sites up, keep them up long after your interest has faded. ~ Seta

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