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  The Antique Cellar  Inventory Software for Consignment Stores      

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Welcome to the Antique Cellar.  The Antique Cellar is a software program for managing inventory and consignment sales for any store which has Suppliers which are paid after the retail sale is completed.  Antique Stores  and Malls can have a high percentage of their stock provided by Suppliers who Consign goods to the Store.  Keeping track of goods in that situation can be a nightmare.  This software will track every sold item to a supplier and give the store owner a good way to keep track of all sales.

Send an E-mail to  for a free 30 Day Copy.   Specify if you have Office 97 or Access 2000. 
 You must have Microsoft Access to run this product.  Microsoft Access is the Premier small business database software on the market. It is simple ,adaptable and powerful. New Access 2000 programs cost $99 retail.Access 2000

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∑ Program is simple to use and understand
∑ Automatically identifies, prices, extends price and calculates sales tax.
∑ Enter sales at the end of the day in a batch if you want
∑ This Software Keeps track of every sale on each item so you donít have to !
∑ You donít have to enter existing stock into inventory until it is sold
∑ If you offer a discount at sell time, the cost is reduced automatically
∑ If you pay a credit card cost, (3%), that cost of sales is shared with supplier.
∑ You can have a fixed net cost or set your own ďhouse splitĒ.
∑ Print professional looking invoices.
∑ Send Suppliers a list of received merchandise and notification of terms. 
∑ Price tags for your inventory, Ĺ by 1 ĺ labels are great to put on hang tags.
∑ Have your suppliers enter the product data on their computer. (You donít have to!)
∑ Have your suppliers bring in product data on a floppy disk with each delivery.
∑ Download that product data , give supplier a receipt, and print price tags in 1 minute. 
∑ Print summary reports for suppliers listing all goods sold.
∑ Keeps track of sold goods so suppliers are not paid twice.
∑ Suppliers can call in and get a quick update of what has sold.
∑ Daily, weekly and quarterly reports on total sales and sales tax.
∑ Keep track of Customers with a list to send mailings.
∑ Microsoft Access database product. Any programmer can upgrade.
∑ Free 30 day trial version can be registered as your working copy.
∑ Spend less time on accounting and more time with your customers.
∑ Low cost of $300.00 includes 90 days of free phone support.