Great Midi Files

Now, we have all heard of midi files, if not, hear some from here. These are some files of which I have collected, and some of which I have mixed, and some of which are my own orchestrations. Ok, ok so they are not fully orchestra backed, but when I say orchestrated, I mean that I put the parts together with the instruments. So Here they are. Please feel free to send me files that I don't have, and your own compositions and orchestrations at my e-mail address. Thanks.


The ones below I have not created.
All the Small things - Blink 182
I do (Cherish you)
I knew I loved you
The Phantom of the Opera
What's my Age again
Cotten Eye Joe
The Immigrant Song - Led Zepplen
Can you feel the love tonight - Margie Harrell
Memory - Cats the Musical - Andrew Lloyd Webber
Surfin' in the USA
X-FIles Theme

Ones that Others have Composed.
Brandenburg Concerto NO. 3- J.S. Bach
Circus Polka
Pachelbel's Canon
Pomp & Circumstance - Elgar
Shine Jesus Shine - G. Kendrick

These compositions are not fully complete, I will publish the compleate ones soon
Classical Bash
Concerto in B minor - O. Reiding
Elenor Rigby - The Beatles
I Still Call Australia Home - Peter Allen
Tchaiskovsky Festival
The Teddy Bears Picnic
We Wish you a Merry Christmas (Almost Finished)

These are my own Orchestrations, but aren't quite finished
Love is Rare
The Pilgrim Song

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