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Te Arohanui Culture Club
Welcome to WA's longest running Incorporated Culture Group
Founding Members

Robert & Lyn Waaka and Whanau
Ko Tainui toku Waka
Ko Taupiri toku Maunga
Ko Ngati Mahanga toku Hapu
Ko Te Papa O Rotu toku Marae

Robert (Bob) and Lyn Waaka helped found the club back in 1977. Both Bob and Lyn were made Life Members in 1990 making them the first 2 members to hold this honour. Lyn (an australian of Yugoslavian decent) travelled to New Zealand on a working holiday and returned a few years later with a loving husband and 3 children. It was only a few years later that Bob saw the need for his children to hold onto their Maori heritage and decided with a number of other Maoris to form Te Arohanui. Sadly Bob pased away in 1989 leaving Lyn and 3 teenage children to keep his dream alive and keep Te Arohanui Maori Club going. Today Lyn and Bob's son Lee and partner Kathy and family, daughter Tania and husband Tane Wildermott and youngest daughter Nicola are social members of the club.

Wai Payne and Whanau

Ray & Margaret Fenton

John & Josie Steadman
The Maori community lost Josie Steadman due to an illness.

Matt & Sheila Hape

Kohi & Lyn Heare

Come along and join us!
Alton Community Centre

To find out which venue we will be at please call:
Lyn Waaka 0427 788 220