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Silver Anniversary

Welcome to our Silver Anniversary page!
Dayne and Sue met while in high school and were
high school sweethearts. We graduated in 1973
and were engaged the following year.
On June 28, 1975, we were married at
Prince of Peace Lutheran Church in Seattle, Washington.
Sue's Uncle Luther performed the ceremony.

On July 1, 2000, we celebrated our 25th anniversary
along with Sue's cousin, Debbie and her husband, Dave.
They were married in July 1975 at Ft. Lewis, Washington.

Unfortunately, we didn't get any pictures of the four of us
together at our celebration, something we regret to
this day! Debbie can be spotted in the "cousin" picture!
The celebration had a "picnic" theme. We barbecued
hamburgers & hotdogs, and enjoyed several other "dishes"
prepared by the mothers and aunts of Sue and Debbie.

Sue and Dayne at their Silver Anniversary party!

This was our cake, it's kind of hard to see
but is says, "Happy 25th Anniversary, Sue and Dayne"
The cake was chocolate with white frosting and was
decorated with our wedding colors, yellow and peach.

Many of Sue's cousins were at the anniversary party
so, just as they did when they were younger,
they lined up for a photo, according to age. No ages
will be listed this time! Back row, from left to
right are: Debbie, Bobbi, Sue, Mark, Bret, Jeff,
Jody and Greg. Front row from left to right
are: Jerry Jr., Dawn (Sue's sister), Heidi and Cherie.

Sue's uncles, Bernie and Jerry are in the foreground
and other friends and family are in the background.

Another picture of friends and family.

Friends and family sitting outside, Dayne is
taking some video of this special day!

Jesse and Shane who are the sons of Sue's
cousin Bret, provided live music with their band.

Another picture of the band!

Our neighbor girls, Carrie and Chelsey, listen
to the band along with our daughter, Kelsey.

While some enjoyed the outdoors, other friends
and family, spent time inside, eating
dinner while listening to the band.

Sue's cousin Jody, stands in doorway while
some of her family sits at the table.

The band takes a break and join the guests
in eating dinner and mingling with each other.

More mingling!

You might think this is Dayne and Sue, but it
really is Sue's sister, Dawn and her husband, Dave.

From left to right, our nephew Kevin,
our son, Cory and our daughter, Kelsey.

Our nephew Dan hangs out with Sue's dad
and Dayne while they barbecue.

Sue's cousin, Mark (on the left) sits
outside with other relatives.

This was the view from the back patio area
of where the party was held.

Dayne and Sue enjoying the party!

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Thank you to Cindy, who once again
helped me with the graphics!!

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