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Vacation 2001

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This isn't the way we wanted to start our vacation, broken
down in Ellensburg. We had problems with our boat trailer
and had to have it towed to this "lovely" paved campsite for
the night. Here is Dayne enjoying the evening, knowing
that once the parts store opens in the morning,
he has his work cut out for him!

Once we arrived at Blue Lake, one of our favorite
vacation spots, it was time for Kelsey and Cory
to try out our new jet skis.

Mom and Dad Miller got to spend a few days with us!
Time to take a break in the shade.

Kelsey and friend, Cameron, come in from
cruisin' around on one of the jet skis.

Cory and friend, Carrie, decide to take the
jet ski out for a ride around the lake.

Tubing is another fun thing the "kids" like to
do so, Kurt and Josh take their turn at
being towed around the lake.

Cory and Carrie hold on tight while Dayne tries
"dump them" as he whips them from side to side
and steers the boat into waves in an effort to
complete his "mission!"

Eventually,it's time to take a break from the
action on the water. A little relaxation is in order!

Sadie, one of our cocker spaniels needed a break
from the water activities too! She loves to swim.

Our camp may be messy, but at least we had fun!

Kelsey does a back tuck off the dock while
Cory, Josh, Carrie, Kurt and Cameron look on.

Cory, Josh, Carrie, Kelsey, Kurt and Cameron
take a break from shoving each other off the dock!
Being shoved in the water was actually refreshing
due to the 100 temperatures we had everyday.

Here, Kurt, Cory, Cameron, Kelsey and Carrie pass
the time in the evening, by playing hacky sack.

A drive up the highway to Sun Lakes State Park for
some ice cream was a refreshing way to cool down.

Cory returns from a ride on the jet ski, always
a fun way to cool down on those hot summer days.

Cameron "making waves" out on the lake.

On our last night at Blue Lake, it was time to
take pictures of the group. From left to right
in the back are, Norma, Josh, Cory, Sue, Eric, Dayne,
Carrie, Kelsey and Cameron. In front are Hannah,
(a friend of Abbie's, our neighbor) and Abbie. Kurt is
missing from the picture, because he took the picture!

A rare picture of the four of us,
Cory, Kelsey, Sue and Dayne.

On the last night of our vacation, we went to
the laser light show at Grand Coulee Dam. The light
show is shown against the cascading waters from
the "spillway" of the dam. The show doesn't get
started until after dark, here is a picture taken
in the evening before the "spillway" is opened.

Here is another shot of Grand Coulee Dam.

The day we planned to leave, we woke up to a lot
of smoke in the area, the winds had blown it in
from other areas where forest fires were burning.
Dayne decided to take the boat and head for the
launch and prepare to pull it out of the water.

Time to take the jet skis out of the water,
they were fun to use but now it's time to
put them on the trailer. Dayne, Cameron,
Cory and Kurt, work on doing just that!

All good things must come to an end, the jet
skis are on the trailer and now it's time to
head for home.

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