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Kelsey's Gymnastics Page 2

While eating at Johnny Rocket's in the Hilton Hotel,
Kelsey ran into some of her teammates. Kelsey is on the
left. This invitational meet was held inside the Hilton which
is also where the team stayed. The hotel had everything one
could need, including many restaurants, a movie theatre,
bowling, shopping, and of course, a wedding chapel!
Reno, Nevada 2000

The girls talk with their coaches before the meet in Reno.
Kelsey is on the far right, not facing the camera.

Cascade Elite during the "march in" ceremony. They are
behind the sign that says CEG, Kelsey is toward the back.

Kelsey doing a roundoff, back handspring during
her floor routine in Reno.

The Cascade Elite team waits for results of the meet.
Kelsey is in the middle, looking down.

Kelsey ties for 4th place and tries to share the "step" with
another gymnast! She is in the white sweatshirt on the left.

Elissa and Kelsey back in the hotel room after
practicing and competing in the meet at the
Hilton Hotel in Reno, Nevada.

Kelsey practicing a "full twisting backwards layout"
during warmups at a meet in Eugene, Oregon.

The beginning of a meet in Eugene, Oregon. Kelsey's team,
Cascade Elite, is in the middle with the black and teal jackets.

Some of the girls check scores after the meet in
Eugene, OR. Kelsey is on the right.

The Cascade Elite team wins a trophy! Eugene, Oregon 2000

No, the gym isn't on fire! A fog machine was used during
the march in ceremony. Kelsey and her team are
on the left. Cascade Elite 2000.

During her floor routine, Kelsey performs a back tuck.
Cascade Elite Gymnastics 2000

Kelsey performs a roundoff on the balance beam.
Cascade Elite Gymnastics

A nice front handspring off the vault and
Kelsey goes on to "stick" the landing.
Cascade Elite Emerald Challenge Meet 2000

Kelsey, after her vaults at Cascade Elite.

Kelsey's balance beam coach, Angie, presents her
with a medal at a meet held at Cascade Elite's gym.

Cacade Elite takes 2nd place, Kelsey is in the center.

Kelsey receiving her 4th in State, balance beam medal.
State Meet held in Olympia, Washington. 2000

Kelsey watches as the other girls receive their
medals at the State Meet. Olympia, WA 2000

It's not always all work and no play! A 50's party
was held for the Cascade Elite banquet. Kelsey is
on the far right, in the red skirt. The party was held
in the Embassy Suites in Lynnwood, WA. 2000

Kelsey "strikes a pose" during a photo session.
She is wearing her Cascade Elite competition leo.
Kelsey had decided to "retire" from gymnastics prior
to starting high school. She wanted to have a normal
high school experience that did not include practicing
gymnastics, 5 hours a day, 6 days a week.
August 2000

Wearing her favorite leo from her days with
The Edmonds Illusions, Kelsey strikes another pose.

Kelsey, in her final gymnastics picture, wears
her 4th in State Balance Beam medal.
August 2000

The music for these pages is "That Thing You Do" by the Wonders.
The movie "That Thing You Do" is one of Kelsey's favorites!

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