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Kelsey's Gymnastics Page

Welcome to my daughter's (Kelsey) gymnastics page!

Kelsey is now 19 years old and is "retired" from gymnastics. When she was 4 years
old she used to vault over the furniture, do cartwheels in the dining room, etc. As
a result, we enrolled her in gymnastics. She was in a group called "the hotshots."
They practiced in a local recreation center and performed at various events.

As time went on, her interest in gymnastics was obvious. Her coaches suggested
she join their competitive team, The Edmonds Illusions. Little did we know what that
would lead to! Kelsey started competing when she was 6 years old and didn't stop
until she was almost 14 years of age. There were long hours of workouts, fundraisers,
and of course, the meets! Kelsey competed at Levels 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8. After reaching
Level 7, she had to move to another gym that had the necessary equipment. It was sad
to leave her coaches, fortunately, 3 teammates moved on with her to the new gym. This
page will take you from when Kelsey started competing to when she finished her
gymnastics "career." Kelsey ended her gymnastics career on a high note, placing 4th in
State on balance beam! What a thrill that was to see her receive that special medal!

The years were filled with hard work, dedication, courage, and occasionally, tears.
There was hair to be done, major amounts of bobbie pins, hair spray, "scrunchies"
and sometimes glitter. Many warmup leotards, competition leos, and warmup suits
were grown into and out of. Friendships developed, team spirit was plentiful,
perserverance paid off, poise was learned and love for the sport was a given.

We loved watching Kelsey compete and remember those years fondly.
Our family is extremely proud of Kelsey and all she accomplished! I
hope you enjoy the "travel" through Kelsey's gymnastics years.

Taking flash pictures during a meet is not allowed as a safety precaution.
The flash can be a distraction to a gymnast doing her routine and possibly
cause a fall. This is the reason for the poor quality of some of the pictures.

Kelsey is 5 years old in this picture, she
was performing with the "hotshots" at this time.

This picture was taken at home, prior to leaving for
one of Kelsey's first gymnastics meets. 1993

The Edmonds Illusions during the "march in" prior to competition. This
meet was in Bellingham, WA and was one of Kelsey's first meets.
She is the second one marching in. December 1993.

The finish to Kelsey's floor routine, also in Bellingham, WA.
This is one of my favorite pictures.
December 1993.

Kelsey (twirling her ribbon) took 6th place All Around.
All Around means that the gymnast competed in all four
events, floor exercise, vault, uneven bars and balance beam.
Northwest Aerials - Kirkland, WA. 1994

Kelsey talks to Alicia (one of her coaches)
during a break between rotations.

Here is Kelsey practicing on a low balance beam
that her dad made for her to use at home.
August 1994

Level 4 State Gymnastics Championships 1994
Kelsey performing her floor routine.

Coach Helene watches as Kelsey performs
her balance beam routine at Sectionals.
Northshore Gymnastics in Kirkland, WA. 1996

Elissa and Kelsey show the ribbons they won at
a meet at Diaz Gymnastics in Renton, WA. 1996
Elissa 11 years old, Kelsey 9 years old.

Practice makes perfect! Kelsey and Elissa
practicing in the living room, 1996.

One of many fundraisers with The Edmonds Illusions!
Anna, Jessie, Erin S., Morgan, Erin W., Kelsey and
Kaitlyn in the back. The girls would serve pizza at
Roundtable Pizza, in exchange for a percentage
of the proceeds from that evening. 1996

The Edmonds Illusions 1997
Kelsey is in the center, kneeling.

Kelsey won the "highest flyer" award for her uneven bar
routine at this meet in Mt. Vernon, WA. 1997

One of Kelsey's coaches, Alicia, fixes Kelsey's
hair between rotations. 1997

Second place for Kelsey!
Skagit Valley Gymnastics Meet 1997

Kelsey 1997, Edmonds Illusions Spring Show

Kelsey poses with many of her ribbons, medals and
trophies that she had won over the years. 1997

Best Friends! 1997
Elissa and Kelsey started gymnastics together, first
"hotshots" then The Edmonds Illusions and finishing up
at Cascade Elite. They live across the street from each other.
Elissa is now 22 and attends the University of Washington,
Kelsey is 19 and is attending Shoreline Community College.

1997 University of Washington Gymnastics Camp.
Kelsey practicing a "pike" performed during a
floor routine. She attended the camp with 3
of her teammates from the Edmonds Illusions.

No, the picture is not upside down, Kelsey is the
one upside down! She was practicing on the tumble
track at the gym in Edmonds, WA.

Elissa (Kelsey's friend and teammate)and Kelsey.
Kelsey had just received the gymnastics porcelain doll
as a birthday gift from her grandparents. 1997

Kelsey and Elissa at The John Hancock Tour of
World Gymnastics Champions, Seattle Key Arena.
November 23, 1997

Winning a medal at Skagit Valley Gymnastics in
Mt. Vernon, WA. 1997

The Edmonds Illusions team takes 2nd place.
Skagit Valley Gymnastics Meet 1997.

Elissa, Kelsey, Erin,& Kaitlyn win a team trophy
at The Leading Edge Gymnastics Meet, 1997.

Kelsey (left) practicing during the warmup period at
Northwest Aerials Gymnastics Meet in Kirkland, Wa.

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