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Golden Anniversary

This page is dedicated to my parents, who
celebrated their Golden Wedding Anniversary on
December 29, 2001.
They were married at Denny Park Lutheran Church
in Seattle, on December 29, 1951.

We celebrated their anniversary with family
and friends at Embassy Suites. Below are pictures
taken on that special evening.

My parents, Aileen and Dick, cut the first
piece of their anniversary cake.

Dad finds time to visit with relatives,
Vicci, Roger and Alyce.

My daughter (their grandaughter), Kelsey, sings
"I Love You Truly" which was sung at their wedding.

Mom and Dad watch and listen as my sister, Dawn
speaks about things she learned while she was
growing up. With her humor and props, Dawn
had us all laughing about life in our family!

Our former pastor, Ole and his wife, Arlett
entertain us with an impromptu song.

This picture is of my Dad's side of the family.
My Mom has a large family, most of whom were at
the party, but too many to fit in one picture!

The party wouldn't be complete without a picture
of those who were in the original wedding party.
From left to right are Marion, my Mom's sisters,
Dolores and Alyce, Mom, Dad, their brother-in-law,
Lou, and my Mom's brothers, Jerry and Bernie.

Finally, for our parents anniversary, our gift
to them was a family portrait. In the front row,
sitting are: my sister, Dawn, her daughther Jenna,
my Dad, Mom and my son Cory. Standing from left
to right are: My sister's son, Dan, her husband, Dave
their son Kevin (in front of his dad),my brother
Rick, myself (Sue), my husband, Dayne
and our daughter, Kelsey.

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