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Family Care of Edmonds Snow Day

Please be patient while the images load.

Alannah, looking for patients to greet!

For once, the parking lot is not full.

Hmmmm, wonder what Alannah is going to
do with that snowball she is making??

Tricky shot of Sue in the center of the shrubs!

Alannah, Nadia and Kiara standing in front of
Kiara's target, whoops, I mean TRUCK!

Watch out Nadia, never stand in front of a
redhead, you never know what they'll do.

Someone should really shovel the sidewalks,
Sue is heading for an L&I.

The trees of Family Care of Edmonds.

Apparently lunch hasn't arrived yet, Craig
has started munching on his hands!

Craig and Bob, plotting and scheming.

Jill takes time out from her hectic schedule
to make snowflakes for "The Snow Slacker's" desk.

Forget the work, there are banners to be made!

Linda oversees Nadia's handiwork.

Jill watches as Andrea poses with her frog.

It's been a rough day for Jody, she
catches some zzzzzzz's at the checkout window.

Dr. Luther smiles for the camera.

Looks like Dr. Beighton has his work
cut out for him!

Elaine could not escape having her picture taken.
She and Hailee "strike a pose" in the chair.

Jeanette just looks like she is working. You
should've seen her in the FCE snowball fight!

No! Not another call from the ER!

This is the desk of "The Snow Slacker," otherwise
known as Eileen. We just love
to decorate her desk when she is gone.

It's hard to see but Bob is armed with a water filled
syringe, waiting for Alannah to walk by. Remember that
snowball she had, guess who she "nailed" with it?

The boss is gone, you just never know what is
going to happen while she is away!

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