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4 Wheelin'

Welcome to my son's (Cory) 4 wheelin' page!

Cory's Bronco II before he goes 4 wheelin'!

Some of the "kids" that go 4 wheelin' with Cory.
From left to right are Brian, Cory, Kurt,
Kelsey and Cameron.

One of their favorite places to go is Reiter Pit
which is in Sultan, Washington.

Another 4 wheelin' friend, Stuart has a Bronco II as
well. Looks like he is headed in the wrong direction!

Heading up the hill, under the powerlines at Reiter Pit.

Another hill to make their way up.

Starting down a narrow, downhill road. Hold on!

Making their way through a water hole.

A good 4 wheelin' trip wouldn't be complete without
getting at least one rig stuck in the mud. Cory is
on the hood while Cameron stands on the bumper.

Stuart attempts to pull Cory's Bronco out of the
water and mud. Getting "organized" are
Cameron, Cory and Kurt.

Stuart makes his way through a deep water hole.

One more picture of going up the hill.

Cory has a bit of a problem! Stuck in the mud
somewhere near Arlington, Washington.

Hmmmm, what do we do now? Cameron, Cory and Ryan.

Yep, it's really stuck this time!

Cameron, passing time while they wait for a tow!

Ryan comes to the rescue and with the help of a
friend, they eventually tow Cory's Bronco out of the mud.

Cory sold his Bronco and bought a Toyota 4X4 pickup
in 2002. Notice, it didn't stop him from getting stuck
in the mud. This is near Mill Creek, WA.
Cory is trying to dig away at the mud.

What Cory thought was going to be a deep
"puddle" turned out to be a swamp!

No matter which way you look at it, it's stuck!

Thank goodness for friends with winches!
Cory's truck is pulled out of the swamp
where it had been for over 16 hours!

Thanks to friends, Jamie, Eileen and their son,
Casey, Cory's truck is "winched" out of the swamp!

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